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  • 60,000 Threatened by Hungarian Anti-semitic Bill

    Experts estimated today that 60,000 Jews and “non-Aryans” will be eliminated from Hungary’s economic and cultural life if the recently introduced anti-Jewish bill is enacted. The proposed law, it was stated, will leave to the entire younger generation of Jews and “non-Aryans” no prospects but emigration. Under the present law, which restricted Jewish participation in… More ▸

  • Reich Plans ‘ghetto Clinics’ for Jewish Mental Cases

    Jews suffering from mental and nervous diseases will be transferred from Berlin municipal clinics to institutions administering by Jews under Nazi supervision, it was announced here today. In justification of this step Dr. Leonardo Conti, chief of the Public Health Office here, told the Voelkischer Beobachter: “One Berliner in 1,000 is afflicted with a mental… More ▸

  • Nazis Launch New Eviction Drive; Ghetto Plan Seen Not Dropped

    The Nazi Party today lined up all “Aryans” behind a new extra-legal campaign to oust Jews from “Aryan”-owned houses. Hundreds of German tenants have already signed petitions distributed by Nazis from house to house calling on landlords to evict Jewish tenants since “Germans and Jews cannot be expected to live under the same roof in… More ▸

  • “jim Crow” Trains for Jews Urged in Reich; Catholic Clergy Linked to Jews

    Das Schwarze Korps, organ of the black-shirted elite guards, demanded today that Jews be given special compartments in trains far from the sleeping berths used by “Aryans.” The paper also demanded that in regular coaches special ghetto seats be provided similar to the “Jim Crow” seats set apart for Negroes in the American South. ”… More ▸

  • New Expulsion Threat Hangs over 5,000-10,000 Reich Jews; Leaders Map Appeal to Nations

    Jewish leaders are considering an emergency appeal to foreign nations and to the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee to open immediate avenues of escape for 5,000 to 10,000 German and stateless Jews now under threat of expulsion. Nazi pressure against these thousands is growing daily and it is feared that mass expulsions similar to the deportation of… More ▸

  • Anti-semites Defeated in Polish Municipal Elections

    Despite a strong anti-Jewish campaign, marked by violence in some sections, radical anti-Semites were defeated in yesterday’s municipal elections here and in Lodz, official returns showed today. Of 100 seats in the Warsaw City Council, the governmental party won 39, the Polish Socialists 27, the Jewish Socialists 16, the Endeks (National Democrats) 11, the Naras… More ▸

  • Paris Press Attacks City Councilman for Anti-semitic Speech

    Newspapers today attacked a speech delivered at last night’s session of the Paris municipal Council by D’Arquier de Pellepoix during a discussion of aliens’ rights in France. Editorials called the anti-Semitic councilman “the Hitler of France.” De Pellepoix’s speech contained anti-Semitic assertions unprecedented in the council’s history. Urging that Jews be sent back to the… More ▸

  • Jewish-founded School in Warsaw Ousts Jews for Defying Ghetto Benches

    The Jewish-founded Wawelberg Technical High School, closed for a fortnight because of anti-Jewish disorders, opened today with the authorities capitulating to demands of anti-Semitic students that Jews be ordered segregated in “ghetto benches” on the left side of classrooms. When Jewish students refused to accept the restriction and remained standing during the classes they were… More ▸

  • News of Easing Anti-jewish Curbs Not Published in Reich

    A semi-official communique issued this morning and announcing to the world easing of the stringent anti-Jewish measures of the past few weeks remained unpublished in Germany late today. A check-up revealed that so far the communique, which announced that after Jan. I certain streets, Hotels and restaurants will again be open to Jews, and indignantly… More ▸