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  • Ghetto Restrictions Planned in Danzig

    (Havas) Early establishment of Ghetto life for Danzig’s Jews was Predicted tonight as the Free City’s Nazi-dominated government continued to copy the latest anti-Semitic decrees promulgated in Germany. It was learned that Danzig citizens living abroad have received official instructions to return immediately or lose their citizenship. The measure applies equally to Jews, communists and… More ▸

  • Nazis Take Drivers’ Permits from Jews; Ban Use of Central Berlin Areas

    German Jewry awaited with deepening despair today the placing into effect of two drastic police decrees under which they are deprived of the right to drive automobiles and are banned from the central quarters of Berlin and all public entertainment centers. The automobile ban goes into effect Dec. 31, while the "ghettoization" decree becomes effective… More ▸

  • News Brief

    An American Jew named Greentree was reported today held in the Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Greentree, who is 49 years old and a native of San Luis Obispo, California, was arrested Nov. 10 at his place of business and removed to the Alexanderplatz police headquarters. United States Consul Raymond A. Geist, who has been trying to… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Germany’s harassed Jews were given scant solace tonight by promises that “cellar” prices will be fixed for liquidation of their businesses and that those Jews would be unmolested whose activities were helpful to the Reich’s foreign trade. These two announcements, neither of them official, were only a ripple, however, against the anti-Semitic tide. Feature of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Consulate officials of all countries continued today to be bombarded by useless and pitiful pleas for intervention on behalf of Jews seized in mass arrests. The crush at the consulates has been so great that the officials have been unable to attend to their ordinary visa and emigration routine. Even Jews in possession of affidavits… More ▸

  • Billion Mark Fine, Ban on Business Received with Apathy by Reich Jews Faced with Famine

    Numbed by terror and despair, German Jewry today received the sentence of economic death imposed by Field Marshal Hermann Goering’s “vengeance” decrees with something akin to apathy. The billion-mark ($400,000,000) fine means the loss of one eighth of German Jewry’s total fortune according to the Nazis, or one-half according to neutral observers. Yet the fine… More ▸

  • Late Berlin News

    Prominent Berlin Jews were summoned to police headquarters today for questioning as to how the Reich can collect the billion-mark fine levied on German Jews, it was learned from a private source tonight. It was apparent that collection of the fine imposed on the Jews as their punishment for the shooting of a third secretary… More ▸

  • 25,000 Jews Under Arrest in Wake of Worst Pogrom in Modern German History; 4 Dead

    An estimated 25,000 Jews were under arrest today in the wake of the worst outbreak of anti-Jewish violence in modern german history, which left throughout the nation a trail of burned synagogues, smashed homes, wrecked and pillaged shops, and at least four known dead. police seizures of Jews continued throughout the night and this morning…. More ▸

  • Expulsion of All Alien Jews Urged

    The expulsion from Germany of all foreign Jews and those lacking passports and creation of “ghettos” for Reich Jews was urged by Das Schwarze Korps, Elite Guard organ, today. “If the Jews declare war upon us — a thing which they have already done — we must treat the Jews in our country as one… More ▸

  • Jewish Artisans’ Association Banned in Poland

    The authorities today dissolved the 25-year-old Jewish Artisans’ Association on the ground that it infringes upon a Government statute. The association numbers tens of thousands of members. The Ministry of Trade has rejected a request by the Polish Merchants’ Council to prohibit Christmas sales by Jewish merchants. Democratic Polish students expressed sympathy for and solidarity… More ▸