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  • $35 million Diller Cancer Center to open at UCSF Monday

    A new cancer center at the University of California at San Francisco that was built with a $35 million gift to the school given by Helen and Sanford Diller was set to open Monday, according to the San Francisco Gate. The Dillers have given away more than $200 million since opening their family foundation in… More ▸

  • E. Ike Eshaghian Foundation gives $1.8 million to Technion

    The E. Ike Eshaghian Foundation has given $1.8 million to the American Technion Society to help kidney research at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. The grant will be used for three core projects that address the causes and complications of a broad range of kidney disease, according to the release from the Technion… More ▸

  • UJA raises $43 million at Greenberg dinner

    The UJA-Federation of New York was able to raise $43 million at its annual Greenberg dinner on Thursday Sept. 25 – an increase of $2 million over last year. That the UJA was able to actually increase its total should probably not be taken as a sign that the philanthropy world is surviving the financial… More ▸

  • What will happen to the Lehman Brothers Foundation?

    I just saw this in the elevator news ticker: It is not clear what will happen to the charitable donations that the Lehman Brothers Foundation makes each year. The foundation tied to the bank that went under Monday annually gives out more than $40 million in charitable donations, including roughly $20 million throughout the United… More ▸

  • Report: American giving between 2001 and 2006 to Israeli organizations outpaced giving to general or

    American giving to Israeli organizations outpaced American giving to general philanthropies between the years 2001 and 2006, according to a Philadelphia-based Philanthropy consulting group, EHL Consulting. EHL studied the 990 forms of 80 “American friends of” organizations that collected money for Israeli groups and institutions over that period. The findings (contained in a set to… More ▸

  • Broad Foundation to give $400 million to Harvard-MIT venture

    If you needed further proof that Jewish mega-donors trend toward giving to higher education, check out this scoop from the Chronicle of Philanthropy: “Eli and Edythe L. Broad will announce this morning that they are pledging $400-million to endow the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, in Cambridge, Mass., a biomedical-research center that is jointly… More ▸

  • Rose foundation announced Q2 grants

    The Rose Community Foundation, which has given some $26 million to Jewish causes in the Devner area since 2002, announced $2.3 million in second quarter grants Aug 15. The foundation gave out 49 grants totaling $2,156,354 to nonprofit organizations, government agencies and projects that support the health and well-being of the Greater Denver community. A… More ▸

  • Feinstein gives to scholarship program, but not to UJA

    Alan Shawn Feinstein, a philanthropist in Rhode Island, is bailing out a scholarship program that went belly up. Feinstein had been giving out $2,000 college scholarships to students through a nonprofit advocacy organization, The Education Partnership. But the partnership went into receivership in June, the Providence Journal reports. Feinstein has offered to pay out the… More ▸