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golda meir

  • Golda’s Condition Worsens Further

    A spokesman for Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital said today that another slight deterioration had occurred in the condition of former Premier Golda Meir, who has been hospitalized in the medical center’s hematology ward intermittently for the past four months. The spokesman said that Mrs. Meir had developed a liver infection and was suffering from severe stomach… More ▸

  • Golda’s Condition Worsens

    The physical condition of former Premier Golda Meir has taken a turn for the worse, and physicians at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, where she has been hospitalized on and off for the past four months, are presently checking for the origin of a case of jaundice which set in yesterday. “Mrs. Meir’s jaundice could be due… More ▸

  • Golda’s Condition Slightly Improved

    The condition of former Premier Golda Meir has slightly improved, her physician at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital reported Monday. She was hospitalized 10 days ago for severe back pains and a virus which hit her two months ago. Due to a heavy flow of visitors to the former Premier, including ministers, Knesset members, Labor Party heads… More ▸

  • Soup, Golda’s Style

    Israel may soon produce and export a new soup to be known as “Golda’s soup.” The food production department of Koor Industries is expected to be entrusted with the production of this soup, based on a recipe to be given by Golda Meir. The firm’s bulletin reported that Koor management representatives visited Mrs. Meir to… More ▸

  • Meir Supports Boycott of Whites Only Showing of Play ‘golda’ in S. Africa

    Former Premier Golda Meir said today that she fully supported the decision by Israel’s Ambassador to South Africa, Itzhak Onna, to boycott the premier performance in Pretoria of the play, “Golda” because Blacks and Coloreds are barred from the theater. “Golda,” a dramatization of Mrs. Meir’s life, played on Broadway last year with actress Anne… More ▸

  • …from Mrs. Meir,rabin

    Premier Menachem Begin’s peace proposals were under sharp attack today from two former Labor Prime Ministers–Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin. Mrs. Meir spoke yesterday in an hour-long interview on Israel TV. Rabin spoke at the Shiloah Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University. Mrs. Meir, strongly defending Israel’s foreign policy during her term… More ▸

  • Mrs. Meir Changes Her Mind

    Former Premier Golda Meir, who earlier criticized the Peace Now Movement, said yesterday she understands their position better. But she urged them to make publicly clear as they did privately to her that they believe Israel should continue to maintain security settlements on the Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley and the Rafiah approaches in the… More ▸

  • Mazel Tov, Golda

    Former Premier Golda Meir celebrated her 80th birthday at her apartment here yesterday in low key because she recently returned from a hospital stay. She had indicated she would not receive delegations of well-wishers but did receive individuals. These included government officials and old friends and all had a bit of cake and a glass… More ▸

  • Golda’s Condition Improving

    Former Premier Golda Meir was reported in improved condition today by doctors at Beilinson Hospital where she was taken Saturday morning suffering from severe dehydration and intense fatigue. Doctors said this may have been due to a perforation of an ulcer. Meanwhile, doctors are continuing tests and treatments and if there are no medical complications… More ▸

  • ‘golda’ on Broadway: the Original is Better

    After a great deal of fanfare, advance publicity and out-of-town tryouts, “Golda,” a play by William Gibson and directed by Arthur Penn, starring Anne Bancroft as Golda Meir, opened tonight at the Morosco Theater. From the onset, it must be stated that the original is far more vital, powerful and exuberant than its Broadway copy…. More ▸