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  • As Greece Prepares to Head E.c., Athens Vows Support for Peace

    Greece will throw its full support behind the Middle East peace process when it assumes the presidency of the European Community next month, Deputy Foreign Minister George Papandreou said at a meeting here this week with the American Jewish Committee. Papandreou told a small gathering of AJCommittee leaders that the peace process will be high… More ▸

  • Peres is in Greece on First Trip by an Israeli Foreign Minister

    Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres arrived here Tuesday on the first leg of a visit to several European capitals this week. Peres’ visit here, which was planned to last a little more than a day, is the first ever to be made by an Israeli foreign minister. During his stay, Peres met with Greek Prime… More ▸

  • Vandals Take over Greek Protest Against Alleged Neo-nazi Attack

    A high-school students’ demonstration here last week to protest an alleged neo-Nazi attack on a teen-age girl erupted into a rampage by youths who had no connection with the protest. The marauding youths threw firebombs, smashed bank and shop windows and damaged cars in the center of the Greek capital. After the vandals set a… More ▸

  • Greek Jews Hope Papandreou is Better Second Time Around

    Andreas Papandreou’s surprise return to power as prime minister of Greece has brought back memories within the country’s small Jewish population of anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian sentiments that permeated the Socialist leader’s earlier regime. Jews and Israelis are hoping that this time around the Papandreou administration will be more favorable toward Israel and Jews, building on the… More ▸

  • Only Greek Orthodox Are Trusted, Says Report by Greek Government

    A few years ago, Jacquelyn Yermiya wanted to become a nursery school teacher in the Greek public school system, but she was rejected because she is Jewish and not Greek Orthodox. The law at the time said that only Greek Orthodox citizens could become nursery and elementary school teachers in the public school system. But… More ▸

  • Greek Leader Says He Will Help Israel Join U.N. European Group

    Greek Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis says he will help Israel join the European group within the United Nations and also assist it in revising its 1975 economic agreement with the European Community. Mitsotakis made these commitments to Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin, who arrived in Greece on Thursday for a two-day official visit. Beilin… More ▸

  • Greece Committed to Resolve Issue of Religion on Id Card

    The Greek government is committed to renewing its attempts to resolve the controversy over Greek identification cards that require citizens to state one’s religion, according to American Jewish leaders who met with Greek officials in Athens earlier this month. Jewish groups as well as other minorities in Greece oppose the ID card policy, but an… More ▸

  • Greek High Court Reduces Prison Time of Arab Who Placed Fatal Plane Bomb

    Greece’s High Court of Appeals has reduced by three years the prison sentence of Mohammed Rashid, the Palestinian terrorist convicted of bombing a Pan American airliner in August 1982 over Honolulu in which a 15-year-old Japanese boy was killed. Rashid was convicted during his first trial and sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for placing a… More ▸

  • Greek Parliament Rejects Plan to End Religion Listing on I.d.

    The Greek Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected a proposal by the government that would have made the listing of religion on national identity cards optional instead of obligatory. The amendment, long sought by Jewish groups as well as Greece’s Catholic minority, was denounced by the country’s all-powerful Orthodox Church and defeated in a rowdy Parliament session… More ▸

  • Greece No Longer Requires Religion on Identity Card

    Greek Jews, along with other religious minorities, will no longer be obliged to identify themselves by religion on national identity cards carried by all Greek citizens and residents, the Greek minister of the interior has announced. Minister Yiannis Kefalogiannis made the statement in a meeting with World Jewish Congress delegates Monday. WJC leaders emerged from… More ▸