• Greece Pleased by Israeli Response

    The Greek government expressed appreciation Wednesday for Israel’s “prompt reply” to its protest over the move by Jewish settlers into a building in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, owned by the Greek Orthodox Church. A message from Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Arens promised that the “State of Israel will continue to respect the… More ▸

  • Israeli Intelligence Tips off Greece to More Suspect Parts Bound for Iraq

    A reported tip from the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad, has led the Greek authorities to impound steel forgings alleged to be part of a “super-gun” manufactured in Britain for Iraq. The truck driver who brought them to Greece has been questioned and faces a hearing Saturday. The suspicious cargo was seized April 19 at… More ▸

  • Greece to Upgrade Ties with Israel Despite Strain over Old-city Settlers

    Greece’s new conservative prime minister, Constantine Mitsotakis, seems determined to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel, despite severe strains that have developed since 150 Orthodox Jews settled in a building in Jerusalem’s Old City owned by the Greek Orthodox Church. “We have taken the decision for the de jure recognition of Israel,” Mitsotakis told Parliament… More ▸

  • Dispute in Christian Quarter Strains Delicate Israeli Relations with Greece

    Greek-Israeli relations have been strained at an inopportune time by the disputed settlement of 150 Jews in a building owned by the Greek Orthodox Church in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. While government spokesman Vyron Poly-doras insisted the events in Jerusalem will not affect the new conservative regime’s decision to establish full diplomatic… More ▸

  • Palestinian Facing Extradition from Greece Blames U.S. Zionists

    A Palestinian suspect in an American airplane bombing eight years ago has accused the “Zionist lobby” in the United States of forcing the U.S. administration to demand his extradition from Greece. According to Mohammed Rashid, who claims his surname is actually Hamdan, the Zionists want to use him to counteract the bad publicity Israel has… More ▸

  • Greek Delegation Travels to Israel in Attempt to Battle Image Problem

    Greece has sent an unofficial goodwill mission to Israel, which includes two members of the newly elected Parliament, academicians, former ambassadors, mayors and other dignitaries. They arrived Friday and will remain in Israel until Dec. 1. One objective of the mission is to help change the unflattering image of Israel held by the Greek public… More ▸

  • Greek Jewish School Taking Heat for Firing Two Hostile Teachers

    The Jewish community here is embroiled in a bitter dispute with the teachers union and the government over its firing of two teachers from a Jewish private school. The union called a strike and demonstrated outside the school Wednesday. The teachers were dismissed for allegedly refusing to inculcate their students with traditional Jewish values and… More ▸

  • Greek Justice Minister Pledges Never to Extradite Palestinian

    Justice Minister Fotis Kouvelis promised Tuesday that as long as he holds office, there would be no extradition of a Palestinian wanted in the United States to stand trial for allegedly bombing a Pan American Airways jet over Honolulu in 1982. Kouvelis, a Communist, offered his pledge to 15 pro-Palestinian activists, who occupied his office… More ▸

  • Jews Now Emigrating from USSR by Way of Hungary and Greece

    Hungary and Greece have become two new way stations for Jews emigrating from the Soviet Union to Israel. According to Gerald Strober, spokesman for the National Conference on Soviet Jewry, between 50 and 75 Soviet emigres have chosen to travel to Israel by way of Budapest or Athens. Until three months ago, when Strober says… More ▸

  • Greece Defers Extradition Move

    Justice Minister Yiannis Skoularikis said Tuesday he will wait until after the June 18 general elections here to decide whether to extradite alleged Palestinian terrorist Mohammad Rashid, who is wanted in the United States for a fatal airliner bombing. Skoularikis said he informed U.S. Ambassador Robert Kelly of the delay. The Greek Supreme Court ruled… More ▸