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  • Greek High Court Reduces Prison Time of Arab Who Placed Fatal Plane Bomb

    Greece’s High Court of Appeals has reduced by three years the prison sentence of Mohammed Rashid, the Palestinian terrorist convicted of bombing a Pan American airliner in August 1982 over Honolulu in which a 15-year-old Japanese boy was killed. Rashid was convicted during his first trial and sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for placing a… More ▸

  • Greek Parliament Rejects Plan to End Religion Listing on I.d.

    The Greek Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected a proposal by the government that would have made the listing of religion on national identity cards optional instead of obligatory. The amendment, long sought by Jewish groups as well as Greece’s Catholic minority, was denounced by the country’s all-powerful Orthodox Church and defeated in a rowdy Parliament session… More ▸

  • Greece No Longer Requires Religion on Identity Card

    Greek Jews, along with other religious minorities, will no longer be obliged to identify themselves by religion on national identity cards carried by all Greek citizens and residents, the Greek minister of the interior has announced. Minister Yiannis Kefalogiannis made the statement in a meeting with World Jewish Congress delegates Monday. WJC leaders emerged from… More ▸

  • Greek Jews Protest German Violence

    In the first demonstration of its kind, Greek Jews have taken to the streets to protest a surge of racism and anti-Semitism in Germany. Holding candles and wearing buttons reading “Never again,” 1,500 Jews gathered Wednesday outside the German embassy in Athens to hear communal leader Nissim Mais call on Bonn to combat the “horrifying… More ▸

  • Israel Denies Greek Media Report It is Aiding Yugoslav Drug Trade

    Israel has angrily denied a Greek media report which says it is selling chemicals to the heroin industry in a province of former Yugoslavia. The Israeli Embassy in the Greek capital termed “outrageous” a television report that Israel is supplying anhydride acid to help convert poppy juice to heroin at a secret manufacturing site in… More ▸

  • Greek Tourist Board Issues Booklet on Jewish Heritage

    In an unprecedented move to boost Jewish tourism, the Greek National Tourist Organization has published a full-color, 16-page booklet on “Jewish Heritage in Greece.” The booklet, whose first run was 1,200,000 copies, is published in Greek, English, French and German. In addition, excerpts from the booklet are also published in the Olympic Airways inflight magazine,… More ▸

  • Demolition of Greek Orthodox Site Sparks Ire of Athens Foreign Ministry

    Greece has lodged a diplomatic protest with Israel over the destruction last week by the Jerusalem municipality of two buildings on the Mount of Olives belonging to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate. The protest, made public over the weekend by the foreign ministry in Athens, called on the Israeli authorities to compensate the Patriarchate and to… More ▸

  • Greek Court Gives Palestinians Stiff Sentences for 1991 Bombing

    Two Palestinians were sentenced to life imprisonment and four others jailed for up to nine and a half years for the 1991 bomb blast in Patras that killed seven people. The convictions marked the first time the Greek authorities have been able to break a terrorist network of any kind. An Athens court used the… More ▸

  • Greek Leader Arrives in Israel, Solidifying New Warm Relations

    Israel and Greece solidified their recently improved relations on the arrival here Monday of Constantine Mitsotakis, the first prime minister of Greece to pay an official visit to the Jewish state. He was welcomed at the Rose Garden by Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who expressed appreciation for the change of Greek policy with respect to… More ▸

  • Greek Court Sentences Terrorist to 18 Years for 1982 Plane Bombing

    A Greek court has sentenced a Palestinian terrorist to 18 years for the July 1982 bombing of a Pan Am jet, in which a Japanese teen-ager was killed. Mohammed Rashid, 42, was found guilty and sentenced Wednesday, following a three-month trial, which for security reasons took place at the Koridallos prison. A prison ward was… More ▸