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  • Greek Court Sentences Terrorist to 18 Years for 1982 Plane Bombing

    A Greek court has sentenced a Palestinian terrorist to 18 years for the July 1982 bombing of a Pan Am jet, in which a Japanese teen-ager was killed. Mohammed Rashid, 42, was found guilty and sentenced Wednesday, following a three-month trial, which for security reasons took place at the Koridallos prison. A prison ward was… More ▸

  • Greek Inscription Found in Beit She’an Sheds Light on Town and Its Samaritans

    A Greek inscription found recently in Beit She’an by archaeologists from Hebrew University sheds new light on the status of a prominent Samaritan family that lived there, and on the date of the construction of the town’s magnificent commercial street. Beit She’an was the central city of northern Israel under the Romans and was known… More ▸

  • Rumored Turkish Nuclear Arms Quest Raises Concern in Greece and Israel

    While Greece is worried by reports that Turkey is seeking nuclear weapons and know-how from the Moslem republics of the former Soviet Union, Israeli circles are pondering the possible effects of having a Moslem nuclear power as a nearby neighbor, even a non-hostile one. According to the Greek daily Kathimerini, the Athens government is deeply… More ▸

  • Greek Premier to Visit Israel, Offers to Host Mideast Talks

    Greek Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis will visit Israel early next year, culminating the rapid improvement in ties between the two countries since his conservative New Democratic Party assumed power in April 1990. Speaking here Sunday to members of the American Jewish Committee, the prime minister offered to host the ongoing Middle East peace talks, specifically… More ▸

  • Greece Signs Order to Extradite Achille Lauro Terrorist to Italy

    Greek Justice Minister Michael Papakostanlinou signed papers Thursday ordering the extradition of Palestinian terrorist Abdulrahim Khaled to Italy, where he is under life sentence for plotting the 1985 hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro. The long-delayed extradition order reflects Greece’s change of policy toward terrorists since the Socialist government of Andreas Papandreou was… More ▸

  • Greek Court Again Postpones Achille Lauro Extradition Case

    The Greek Supreme Court on Tuesday postponed for the second time an extradition hearing for Palestinian terrorist Abdulrahim Khaled, who is wanted in Italy for planning the hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro on Oct. 7, 1985. Khaled, arrested in Greece in March on unrelated charges, was to go on trial here this… More ▸

  • Leader of Greek Jewry Dead at 77, Was Survivor of Wartime Occupation

    Joseph Lovinger, president of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece for 24 years, died of cancer Tuesday in Athens. He was reportedly 77. Lovinger, who is credited with raising the profile of the organized Jewish community here, was often outspoken on Jewish issues. During a January 1989 visit to World Jewish Congress headquarters… More ▸

  • Greek Court Allows Extradition of Suspect in Achille Lauro Case

    A three-member appeals court here ruled Tuesday that an Arab man suspected of taking part in the October 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship may be extradited to Italy. But the suspect, Abdulrahim Khaled, 56, is appealing the ruling to the Greek Supreme Court. And even if the high court backs extradition, it… More ▸

  • Arab and Greek Arrested by Greece for 1985 Achille Lauro Hijacking

    Greek police have arrested an Arab and a Greek who allegedly played major roles in the hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro six years ago. The Arab, whose name has been variously reported as Abdulrahim Khaled or Abdul Rahmin Khaled, has been described as a right-hand man to Palestinian terrorist Mohammed (Abul) Abbas,… More ▸

  • Israeli Official Raises Eyebrows After Meeting with Greek Premier

    Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy undoubtedly was anxious to show his gratitude for Greece’s vastly improved relations with Israel when he sought — and got — a meeting with Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis in Paris last week. But some of his remarks, at least as reported by the Greek media, raised eyebrows here. After congratulating… More ▸