• Guatemala Restricts Jewish Immigration

    Restrictions on Jewish immigration by the Guatemalan Government have been confirmed by Minister Adrian Recinos in a letter to Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress, it was announced today. The Congress has lodged a protest with the Minister against the action of his Government, which is a member of the Intergovernmental… More ▸

  • Guatemala Permits German School to Reopen After Purge of Nazism

    The Guatemalan Government has given the German school in the city of Guatemala permission to reopen with the stipulation that Nazi control be removed, it was reported by Der Weg, Yiddish newspaper. It had been closed by the Government after the Nazis in control decided at a conference to appeal to Berlin for instructions on… More ▸

  • Dr. Coralnik on Way to Guatemala to Study Settlement of Refugees

    Dr. Abraham Coralnik, associate editor of The Day, is en route to Guatemala and other countries as the special representative of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society. Dr. Coralnik will investigate conditions in Guatemala and contiguous countries to ascertain the possibility of settling German Jewish refugees, and to organize local committees for the reception… More ▸

  • Mandel Expedition off for Guatemala

    A zoological expedition sponsored by Leon Man-dell II, general manager of Mandel Bros. department store, to make extensive collections of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians of Guatemala for the Field Museum of Natural History, is sailing from New Orleans aboard the steamship Tivives for Puerto Barrios. The official name of the expedition is the Leon… More ▸

  • Expulsion Order Against Jewish Pedlars in Guatemala Withdrawn

    The Guatemalan Government has withdrawn the order of expulsion which it issued recently affecting a large number of Jewish pedlars. This information is conveyed in a letter addressed by the Guatemalan Minister to the United States, Mr. Adrian Recinos, to Mr. Isidore Hershfield, the Washington representative of the Hias. Previously M. Recinos had refused to… More ▸

  • Guatemala Restricts East European Immigration

    Under a recent Presidential proclamation, Guatemala has further restricted the type of immigrants that will be permitted freely to enter this country, according to information received by the Department of Labor. The proclamation provides that persons who are natives or have the nationality of Greece, Bulgaria, Roumania, Russia, Persia, Jugoslavia, India, or those countries which… More ▸

  • Hias Reports Jews Settling in Guatemala and Panama

    Several Jewish settlements have recently been established in Guatemala and Panama, Central America, according to letters received in the New York office of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society (Hias) from its representatives abroad. Guatemala City, the capital of the Republic of Guatemala in Central America, it is learned, now has approximately 100 Ashkenazic… More ▸

  • Hias Representative Sent to Guatemala As Jews Begin Settling There

    If You Are Pleased with the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” Tell Your Friends to Subscribe It is evident that Jews from Eastern Europe are not only immigrating to South American countries but are going to Central America as well, as information received by Abraham Herman, president of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America… More ▸