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  • World Press Digest

    The London Times, commenting on the conference of Sephardic Jews in London, says: The Sephardic Jews, with their tragic past, in which the great expulsion from Spain in 1492 stands out as the most memorable event, have a noble heritage of culture and steadfast faith. In this country they have, since their settlement in the… More ▸

  • Zionist Groups Put Up Joint Congress Slate

    A joint slate of 150 candidates for delegates to the World Zionist Congress in Lucerne has been agreed upon by the Zionist Organization of America, Hadassah and the Order Sons of Zion, it was announced yesterday by Morris Rothenberg, president of the Z.O.A. The slate will appear on the official ballot as Ticket Number 1…. More ▸

  • Actors Balk at Goebbels Edict

    partly because of the fall in the birthrate. “This calculation does not tally,” the Nazi paper asserts, “because the largest number of Jews were not counted as belonging to the Mosaic faith, but described themselves as ‘Konfessionslos,’ Protestants or Catholics, and were not added to the number of religious Jews. Actually the number of Jews… More ▸

  • Canadian House Bells Toll Zionist Anthem

    For the first time in the history of Canada the bells of the Canadian Parliament rang out Hatikveh, the Zionist hymn, when the fiftieth birthday of Mrs. A. J. Freiman, president of the Hadassah organization in Canada, was celebrated at the Chateau Garcia Hotel here. More than 1,200 prominent Jews and non-Jews participated in the… More ▸

  • Syracuse, N. Y.

    June 17 has been set as the date for the donor’s luncheon by the local chapter of Senior Hadassah. Rabbi Reuben Magil of Temple Beth El, Buffalo, will be the principal speaker. More ▸

  • Worcester, Mass

    Dr. Bessie Sharenson of Brookline was reelected president of the New England Region of Hadassah at its thirteenth annual convention here. More ▸

  • Jews Mourn As Shmarya Levin is Given Burial

    a memorial meeting in the offices of the Z.O.A., 111 Fifth Avenue. Louis Lipsky, for the Z.O.A.; Mrs. Edward Jacobs, for Hadassah, of which she is president, and Max Rudensky, in behalf of the Jewish National Fund, were the principal speakers. The speakers stressed the role played by the late Zionist leader in the creation… More ▸

  • Des Moines, Ia.

    The Iowa Jewish Home for the Aged has been opened here and applications are now being considered by the admissions committee. Mr. and Mrs. Max Pearlman are in charge. Mrs. Benjamin Margolin of Columbus, Neb., was reelected president of the Senior Hadassah at the tenth annual convention of the Southwest Region. Mrs. Max Mayer, director… More ▸

  • Canadian Zionists Pick Slates Today

    Ten thousand Shekel holders are expected to participate in the election tomorrow of the Canadian delegates to the next Zionist Congress. An advance poll has been held in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg. However, the ballots will only be counted in all centres on Monday evening after the closing of the polls. Canada is entitled to… More ▸