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  • Haganah Denies Arab Report Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital Have Surrendered

    A Haganah communique tonight denied an Amman broad-cart claiming that the Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital atop Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem have surrendered to Arab legion forces. The communique termed the broadcast “completely without foundation.” The Provisional Government of Israel issued an announcement today stating that former Jewish dissident military groups are receiving “a full… More ▸

  • British “diplomatic Dishonesty” Termed Cause for Palestine Way by Justice Steinbrink

    “Blood is being shed on the dusty roadsides and in the green and golden hills of Palestine because of Britain’s diplomatic dishonesty,” Justice Meir Steinbrink, chairman of the Anti-Defamation League, declared last night in an address before District Grand Ledge No. 2 of B’nai Brith, meeting here over the week-end. Emphasizing that Haganah could deal… More ▸

  • Arab Armies Bearing Down on Tel Aviv for Major Battle; Latrun Engagement Continues

    Arab forces appeared today to be preparing for a major assault on Tel Aviv, Israel’s civil and military headquarters. Iraqi, Transjordan and Egyptian force were reported moving into position for an attack from the northern, eastern and southern approaches to the Jewish metropolis. There was no official confirmation of these reports from Israeli quarters, however…. More ▸

  • New York Radio Station Devotes Entire Broadcast Day to “salute to Israel” Programs

    Radio station WLIB yesterday devoted its entire broadcast day to a “Salute to Israel” program aeries which included a reading of the Israel Declaration of Independence, talks by Sen. Irving M. Ives, Rep. Emanuel Celler, Major Aubrey S. Eban, Israeli representative at the United Nations, Prof. Albert Einstein and others. Haganah and other Israeli songs… More ▸

  • Jews Inflict Heavy Damage, Capture Two Villages in New Offensive Against Egyptians

    The Israeli Army today captured two Arab villages south of Rehovoth in what appeared to be the opening of a major offensive against Egyptian positions in the south Palestine coastal region. The villages, near Yibne, are Zarnouka and Kubeiba. A Haganah communique this morning reported twin blows at Arab concentrations in the south last night…. More ▸

  • Israeli, Arab Forces Open Fight-to-finish for Old City As Arab States Reject Cease-fire

    Arab and Israeli troops today opened a fight-to-the-finish in a pitched battle of mounting fury for final control of Jerusalem’s Old City following the Arab states’ rejection of the United Nations Security Council’s cease-fire order. Haganah headquarters in Jerusalem today denied that the modern section of the city, where 100,000 Jews are concentrated, was bombed… More ▸