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  • British Empire Building Picketed in New York; Protest Britain’s Aid to Arab Aggressors

    The British Empire Building was picketed here today for six hours by 100 persons protesting British support of the Arab assault of Israel. The picketing was sponsored by Americans for Haganah. Placards carried by the pickets read: “Mr. Bevin–Stop Arming the Arabs”; “Mr. Bevin, Call Off the Spitfires”; “Stop Supporting the Arab Nazi Legion”; “American… More ▸

  • Polish Government Approves Shipment of 100,000,000-zloty Worth of Food to Israel

    The Polish Government has approved a proposal submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to convert 100,000,000 zlotys raised in this country for Haganah into foodstuffs for Israel, it was announced here today. The Ministry agreed to a suggestion by the Central Jewish Committee to ship immediately 100,000,000-zloty worth of sugar, eggs, and other… More ▸

  • Air Bombing of Tel Aviv Resumed; Israeli Air Force Speeds Up Attack Tempo

    After a respite of two days this week-end the quarter-million Jews of Tel Aviv were again subjected to air bombing today. Early this morning enemy Spitfires dropped eight bombs in a residential area of the city causing a number of casualties and some damage. Meanwhile, a Haganah communique this morning indicated a speed-up in the… More ▸

  • Jews on Offensive in Northern Israel; Capture Two Arab Strongholds on Coastal Plain

    Jewish forces today took the offensive on the northern and east central fronts, while holding their own on the southern front and fighting a desperate battle in and around Jerusalem. In the north the Jews captured the Has el Nakura police station, important stronghold on the Palestine-Lebanese frontier near the coast. Further south along the… More ▸

  • Haganah Blasts Syrian Army out of Samakh; Situation in Old City Remains Critical

    A counterattacking Haganah force today dislodged the Syrian Army from the town of Samakh, key to the south Tiberias section, and pushed the invaders farther south, in the opposite direction from their bases. The successful Jewish thrust was made possible by an heroic eight-hour defense at the colony of Degania yesterday and last night, during… More ▸

  • Albanese Officials Remove Israel-bound Jews from U.S. Ship; Intern Them in Camp

    Haganah headquarters reported today that 61 Jews, including many American citizens, were forcibly disembarked today at Beirut by Lebanese officials waving drawn pistols. The Jews, described by the Lebanese Government radio as of military age, were traveling aboard the American vessel, Marine Carp, en rote to Haifa. The Beirut Radio, commenting on the seizure of… More ▸

  • State of Emergency Decreed in Israel; Jewish Planes Attack Arab Troop Concentrations

    A state of emergency was declared today throughout Israel by the Provisional Jewish Government to continue for a period of three months during which the Israeli Cabinet is empowered to issue emergency decrees. The first decrees issued provide: 1. All the rights end authority hitherto vested in the British Administration in Palestine now pass to… More ▸

  • U.N. Truce Commission Urges Military Pressure on Arabs to Prevent Assault on Israel

    Strong military or diplomatic pressure against the Arab League states was recommended today by the United Nations Truce Commission in Jerusalem as “the only practical way” of preventing a major assault upon the territory of Israel. In a cable addressed to Alexandre Parodi, President of the Security Council, the Truce Commission described a futile visit… More ▸