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  • Arabs Renew Attack on Kfar Etzion; Jews Repulse New Arab Invasion from Syria

    A strong force of Arabs today launched a renewed on attack Kfar Etzion, strongest of a chain of colonies in the Hebron Hills, south of Jerusalem. The force, composed chiefly of Arab Legionnaires, reinforced by a company Iraqi troops and local Arab guerrillas, opened fire at dawn. Late reports stated at the Jews have repulsed… More ▸

  • Nearly 100 Palestinians, Mostly Young Students, Sail from U.S. to Join Haganah

    A contingent of nearly 100 Palestinians, moat of them young men, sailed today for Haifa aboard the S.S. Marine Carp to Join Haganah. Made up chiefly of students, the group is returning voluntarily to Palestine “to aid their embattled countrymen fight against the Arab aggressors,” a statement is sued by Americans for Haganah said. More ▸

  • ?ew British Troops Land in Haifa; Haganah Rushes Reinforcements to Syrian Frontier

    While peace reigned in the Old City of Jerusalem today for the first time in months-under the terms of the 48-hour cease fire agreement–the first 1,000 British soldiers sent to Palestine from Cyprus landed at Haifa. They will be followed by additional troops from Malta. Meanwhile, Haganah reinforcements were being rushed into position on Palestine’s… More ▸

  • Mexican Jews to Remit 1,000,000 Pesos for Palestine Security on May 15

    Mexican Jewry expects to remit 1,000,000 pesos ($200,000) to Haganah on May 15, the date of the termination of Britain’s Mandate, it was announced here today. Leaders of the United Jewish Campaign, which supports Jewish institutions in this country and also provides funds for Palestine, predicted that the current drive for 4,000,000 pesos will be… More ▸

  • Syrian Invaders Repulsed by Jews; British Rush Troops, Tanks Guns to Palestine

    The Haganah announced today that attacks on five Jewish settlements, on the northeastern border facing Syria, by some 8,000 invading Syrian, Lebanese and Iraqi troops were repulsed yesterday, while the British revealed it they were rushing troops, tanks and heavy guns from. Malta and Cyprus to Palestine because of the rapidly "deteriorating situation" which they… More ▸

  • British Launch Heavy Attack on Jewish Force in Jaffa; Use Rocket Planes and Artillery

    British troops fortified with armored vehicles, ##tars and artillery were attacking tonight Haganah and Irgun positions in Jewish-##upied suburbs of Jaffa in order to prevent the Jews from seizing the rest of City. Rocket-firing Spitfires of the Royal Air Force were used for the first time Palestine in the British assault. The aircraft struck at… More ▸

  • Jews and Arabs at U.N. Parley Agree on Immediate Truce for Old City in Jerusalem

    Representatives of the Jewish Agency and Arab Higher Committee today agreed at the Trusteeship Council meeting to recommend to their home authorities the issuance of an immediate cease-fire order in the ##d City of Jerusalem. As proposed by the Belgian delegation, the agreement calls or a minimum three-day cessation of hostilities pending a detailed working… More ▸