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  • Haganah Repulses Two Attacks in Jerusalem Area; Poale Mizrachi Settlement Safe

    Jewish forces in the Jerusalem area today pulsed two major Arab attacks and in at least one instance sent the guerrilla ##rces reeling back. The major Arab defeat come at the Poale Mizrachi settlement of Neve Yaacob, five miles north of Jerusalem. The raid, led by Emil Ghoury, member of the Palestine Arab Higher Committee,… More ▸

  • News Capture Vital Arab Village Along Jerusalem Road; Lull in Mishmar Haemek Battle

    Striking at Arab strongpoints threatening Jewish vehicular traffic along the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem main artery, Haganah forces this morning occupied the strategic Arab village of Saris. Using mortars and smaller weapons, the Haganah troops swooped down on the heavily-fortified Arab stronghold from the surrounding hills, destroying at least 25 houses in the surprise assault. The village… More ▸

  • Arab Army Surrounded in Mishmar Haemek Battle; Kaukuji Flees from Scene of Battle

    Fawzi Kapkuji, commander of the Arab forces in Palestine, today fled the Mishmar Haemek battlefield to Amman, capital of Transjordan ### seek aid for his army of 1,500 men trapped by a superior Jewish force on the approaches to Jenin, northernmost strongpoint of the Jenin-Nablus-Tulkarm triangle ### which more than 7,000 foreign Arab troops are… More ▸

  • Jews Perish in Arab Attack on Medical Convoy; Dp. Yasski, Hadassah Head, Killed

    At least 34 Jews were officially reported ?illed today in one of the fiercest Arab attacks Palestine has seen since the outbreak ## hostilities. An 11-vehicle convoy en route to the Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus as forced to halt outside the Arab Sheik Jarrach quarter of Jerusalem when the leading trucks — carrying food… More ▸

  • Palestine Jews Proclaim Central Authority; Adopt “Declaration of Independence”

    The concluding session of the Zionist Actions committee voted unanimously to establish immediately a central Jewish authority which will begin functioning officially on May 15. The decision was taken at dawn today after an all-night session. A "Declaration of Jewish Independence" read by Zalman Rubashov at the final session stated in part: "After 27 years… More ▸

  • Attlee Rejects Plea to Legalize Haganah, Expel Arab Invaders from Palestined

    The British Government has rejected a plea by the Board of Deputies of British Jews that the Haganah be given legal statue and that Arab invaders of Palestine be expelled by the British Army, it was revealed here today with the release of an. exchange of correspondence between Prime Minister Clement Attlee and Prof. Selig… More ▸

  • Jews in Argentina Pledge Aid to Jewish Cultural Congress to Be Held in New York

    More than 2,000 Jews attended a meeting here last night addressed by Jacob Pat and Pinchas Gingold, both of New York, Which launched drive for the World Jewish Cultural Congress scheduled to take place this summer in New York. The meeting adopted a resolution, expressing the utmost support of Argentine Jewry to the program of… More ▸