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  • Minor Earthquake Shakes Haifa

    A minor earth-quake shook Haifa Wednesday, but caused no casualties or damage. The quake registered just over 3.0 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was said to be in the Mediterranean, less than 25 miles from Netanya. More ▸

  • Haifa’s Jewish Population Declining

    The Jewish population in Haifa declined by 6,000 persons (2.5 percent of the general population) between 1981 and 1985, while the Arab population grew from 7.2 percent of the population to 8.4 percent during this period, according to the annual report of the “Shekmuna” housing rehabilitation company in the Carmel city. Haifa’s total population is… More ▸

  • U.S. Aircraft Carrier to Remain in Haifa for a Week

    The U.S. aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy arrived unscheduled at Haifa Friday and will remain there for a week. It is part of a Sixth Fleet combat group assembled in the Eastern Mediterranean during the past two weeks, apparently in connection with the hostage crisis in Lebanon. The fleet reportedly has been withdrawn from Lebanese… More ▸

  • Histadrut Threatens General Strike in Haifa over Shipyards Situation

    Histadrut announced last night that it will call a general strike of several hours’ duration in Haifa next week to be followed by a countrywide general strike, if the financially ailing Haifa Shipyards is shut down by the government-appointed receiver. The government-owned shipbuilding and repair facility on Haifa Bay has ordered its 650 employes on… More ▸

  • Bombs Explode in Jerusalem and Haifa

    A bomb exploded in a Jerusalem restaurant tonight and another went off in downtown Haifa during the day. Neither caused casualties but damage to the restaurant was considerable. Police detained 20 Arabs here for questioning. The bomb in the restaurant on King George Street, a busy thoroughfare, exploded in the lavatory. Police said it was… More ▸

  • U.S. Sailors Spend Shore Leave in Haifa to Help Kids and Elderly

    Sailors from the visiting U.S. aircraft carrier Coral Sea volunteered much of their shore leave in Haifa last week to do good deeds for local children and the elderly and to apply fresh paint to shabby homes in rundown neighborhoods. They also raised money to send a young Haifa girl to the U.S. for a… More ▸

  • U.s Sailors Spend Shore Leave in Haifa to Help Kids and Elderly

    A 69-year-old resident of Acre, known locally as the pickpocket champion of the Soviet Union, was Tuesday sentenced by the Acre magistrate’s court to five months in prison and a 250,000 Shekel (nearly $200) fine–for pickpocketing. Asked by the judge why he continued picking pockets from passers-by after he had come to Israel he replied:… More ▸

  • Blast Injures Five Persons in Haifa

    Five people were injured in the first of two almost simultaneous explosions in downtown Haifa today. The first blast went off under a vegetable stand in what is known as the Turkish market. The owner of the stall was one of the injured. The market was crowded with pre-holiday shoppers at the time. The explosive… More ▸

  • Dispute over Operation of Cable Car System in Haifa

    Interior Minister Yitzhak Peretz, of the religious Shas Party, has ordered Haifa Labor Party’s Mayor Arye Gurel to halt the planned operation of the new Mount Carmel cable car from Stella Maris to the seashore on Saturdays and holidays. But Gurel insisted today that eliminating the operation on the Sabbath and holiday would render the… More ▸

  • Haifa Hospitals Treating Typhoid Fever Patients

    Hospitals in Haifa are treating over 60 patients suffering from typhoid fever or suspected of having the disease. More patients are being admitted daily. All the patients come from the Haifa Bay area where an outbreak of dysentery affected over 5,000 people nearly two months ago. The origin of the outbreak is believed to have… More ▸