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  • Haifa Preparing for Sadat’s Visit

    Haifa, “the forgotten jewel of Israel” as its Mayor Arieh Gurel describes it, is sprucing up for President Anwar Sadat’s visit next month aboard his yacht. The visit has brought to life a project begun 25 years ago — the construction of a modern passenger terminal in the port area — which observers say would… More ▸

  • Haifa Was Target of Aborted Terrorist Sea Attack

    Haifa, Israel’s largest seaport, was the intended target of a gang of seaborne terrorists from Lebanon whose motorboat was intercepted and sunk by Israeli naval units a week ago, Gen. Yehoshua Saguy, Chief of Intelligence, disclosed. The motorboat carried Katyusha rocket launchers which, Saguy said, were to have been placed on a raft in Haifa… More ▸

  • Haifa Red Carpet for U.S. Submariners

    Haifa unrolled its red carpet today for the officers and crews of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine Lapon and the missile-carrying destroyer Aylwin, units of the Sixth Fleet which arrived there on a good-will visit as guests of the Israel Navy. Mayor Yeruham Zeisel of Haifa presented the municipality’s Gold Pin to Commander Tom Murray… More ▸

  • Uss Nimitz Sails from Haifa After Five-day Courtesy Call

    The 90,000 ton USS Nimitz, America’s largest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, put to sea today after a five day courtesy call at Haifa which her commander, Rear Adm. Robert F. Schoultz, described as “an experience never to be forgotten” and “illustrative of the close ties and mutual esteem that exist between the U.S. and Israel.” During… More ▸

  • Talk of U.S. Naval Base at Haifa Seen Blown out of Proportion

    Talk of a possible U.S. naval base in Haifa has blown far out of proportion the realities of such an establishment coming to pass, both United States and Israeli sources agreed here. Some major newspapers prominently reported scraps of information from the meeting Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan held with the House International Relations Committee… More ▸

  • Bomb in Haifa Was Harmless Explosive Used by Police for Drill Practice

    Yesterday’s bomb alert in the Haifa market place was an exercise ordered by the police high command to test the efficiency of the police and the response of the public without the prior knowledge of either, it was disclosed today. A “bomb” was planted in the market, it was spotted by a vendor and police… More ▸

  • U.S. Base at Haifa Not Confirmed

    Reports that the Carter Administration is considering establishing an American military base, possibly a naval base near the port of Haifa, could not be confirmed today. Officials were not available for comment because of the July 4 holiday. According to the reports, the base is one of a number of proposals for demonstrating America’s commitment… More ▸

  • Haifa Theater to Tour U.s., Canada

    The Haifa Municipal Theater will bring to the American and Canadian Jewish and non-Jewish public a four-part program in English. “Voices from Israel,” reflecting the moods of modern Israel. The theater will conduct a six-week tour of 43 U.S. cities and university campuses beginning Feb. 27 in the YMHA in Clifton. N.J. The program will… More ▸