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  • Textile Mills in Haifa Ordered Shut Unless Buyer Can Be Found

    The Haifa District Court ordered the bankrupt Ata textile mills complex on Haifa Bay to cease operations by May 15 unless a buyer can be found before then for the financially distressed enterprise. Ata is the largest single employer in the Haifa area and its shut-down will mean dismissal for thousands of workers. Pinchas Grub,… More ▸

  • U.S. Navy Battleship New Jersey Anchored off Haifa Port for a Week

    The U.S. Navy battleship New Jersey, the only battleship in the world now on active duty, is spending a week anchored off Haifa port, to allow its 2,500 crew members seven days of rest and shore recreation. The Israel Druze community today appealed to the Mayor of Haifa to cancel arrangements made for official receptions… More ▸

  • ‘bibleland Park’ in Haifa Pending

    — Christian and Jewish sponsors of a “Bibleland Park” in Haifa are awaiting the go-ahead from the Haifa municipality to complete an economic and architectural survey for the $250 million project. The local sponsor, George Taussig, who is president of an Israeli tourist company, says an aerial survey of the site south of Haifa has… More ▸

  • New Medical Diagnosis Techniques Announced by Haifa Technion

    A new approach to medical diagnosis developed of the Haifa Technion will become available to clinicians soon. The technology enables safer, less expensive performance of a wide variety of clinical diagnostic tests, including pregnancy tests, thyroid examinations in cases of growth or functional problems, urine analysis, dosage analysis for heart patients where exact dosage can… More ▸

  • Cruise Ships to Call at Haifa

    Haifa will be a port of call for some of the world’s most famous cruise ships in 1980, the Israel Government Tourist Office announced here today. Four vessels making round-the-world cruises have Haifa on their itineraries. They are the British Queen Elizabeth 2 and Canberra and the Norwegian Sagafiord and Royal Vikiag Star. The first… More ▸

  • Special Interview Haifa Mayor Sold on Sadat

    Only a week ago, before the arrival of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat for his summit meeting with Premier Menachem Begin in Haifa, Arye Gur-El, the mayor of the city, had doubts whether the Egyptian leader’s new policy of peace with Israel was sincere. But today he is not only convinced that Sadat wants peace, he… More ▸

  • Haifa Preparing for Sadat’s Visit

    Haifa, “the forgotten jewel of Israel” as its Mayor Arieh Gurel describes it, is sprucing up for President Anwar Sadat’s visit next month aboard his yacht. The visit has brought to life a project begun 25 years ago — the construction of a modern passenger terminal in the port area — which observers say would… More ▸

  • Haifa Was Target of Aborted Terrorist Sea Attack

    Haifa, Israel’s largest seaport, was the intended target of a gang of seaborne terrorists from Lebanon whose motorboat was intercepted and sunk by Israeli naval units a week ago, Gen. Yehoshua Saguy, Chief of Intelligence, disclosed. The motorboat carried Katyusha rocket launchers which, Saguy said, were to have been placed on a raft in Haifa… More ▸