• Metropolitan Press Ridicules Hitler’s Anti-jewish Attacks in Reichstag Speech

    The anti-Jewish outbursts of Hitler in his address before the Reichstag yesterday are ridiculed today in the leading metropolitan newspapers as words which have long since lost their meaning. “The old, old phrases about the Jews no longer have even an insane relation to the actual situation of the Germans in the world of Hitler’s… More ▸

  • Germans Turn Poznan Synagogue into Swimming Pool for Hitler Youth

    The Nazi authorities in Poznan, in the German annexed section of Poland, have established a swimming pool for Hitler youth in the quarters of the Great Synagogue of Poznan, the Ostdeutscher Beobachter reports today. Bathing facilities for the general population have also been installed in the synagogue. More ▸

  • Jews Celebrate Passover in Soviet Russia Hoping for Hitler’s Defeat

    Although a large number of Moscow Jews were evacuated to safety in Uzbekistan in the days when the Nazi armies were near the gets of the Soviet capital, the Moscow Choral Synagogue was crowded this Passover week with Jewish men and women, the majority of them parents who have children at the front fighting for… More ▸

  • Two Philadelphia Boys Sentenced to Imprisonment for Using “hitler Tactics”

    Two 19-year-old boys were sentenced to three months to three years in prison as ringleaders of an anti-Semitic gang who, shouting “we give you the same treatment as Hitler would give the Jews,” invaded a Jewish store, demolished its merchandise and injured the owner, Philip Bain. In issuing the sentence, Judge Edwin O. Lewis condemned… More ▸

  • Nazi Defeat Means Jews Will Mercilessly Massacre Germans, Hitler’s Organ Warns

    Germans and sympathizers of Nazi-Germany in Axis countries are warned in the Voelkischer Beobechter, Hitler’s chief organ, that should Germany lose the present war, the entire European continent will be drowned in a flood of blood through pogroms which will be carried out by “revengeful Jews.” “Should the Jews ever again succeed in becoming the… More ▸

  • Hitler Reiterates Threats Against Jews; Says Jews or Germans Must Be Annihilated

    Evidently worried at the defeat of his armies on the Russian front and over America’s entry into the war, Adolf Hitler, addressing an audience of 10,000 Axis diplomats and Nazi party leaders in Berlin today, on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of his seizing power in Germany, reiterated his threats against the Jews, stating… More ▸