• London Urges Jews of Europe to Stand Firm Against Hitler

    Jews in Nazi-held Europe were urged to “hold on like the courageous defenders of Leningrad, like yesterday’s defenders of London and like the Norwegian trade union leaders and patriots of today” in a special Overseas broadcast to Jews of Europe over the British Broadcasting Company. Expressing the conviction that “no decent citizen of Europe will… More ▸

  • Prayers for Hitler’s Defeat Marks Rosh Hashanah Services the World over

    Prayers of hope that the Jewish New Year will bring peace to the world and the defeat of Hitlerism marked the Rosh Hashanah services this year in the synagogues throughout the country while the situation of the Jews in Europe and Palestine was discussed during Rosh Hashanah broadcasts over nationwide hookups of the major networks…. More ▸

  • Hitler Decides on “radical Solution” of Jewish Problem in Europe

    The Nazi government in Berlin has decided to take measures “for a radical solution of the Jewish problem in all conquered territories and possibly also in the countries allied with Germany,” the correspondent of Gazette de Lausanne, a Swiss newspaper, reports today from Berlin. The correspondent quotes the German press as stating that the new… More ▸

  • Hitler Again Puts Blame on Jews

    Hitler’s record of never failing to point the finger of blame at Jews whenever making a pronouncement of major importance or embarking on a new adventure of aggression remained intact today with his proclamation on the invasion of Russia. Referring to his offer of peace to the Allied Powers after the conquest of Poland, Hitler… More ▸

  • Hitler Again Puts War Blame on Jews in Talk to Puppet Reichstag

    In a long speech before his puppet Reichstag, meeting in the Kroll Opera House in Berlin today, Adolf Hitler bitterly assailed the Jews, blaming them first for the outbreak of the war, then for Britain’s rejection of his “peace” proposals after the collapse of France, and finally, for trying to depict his new European order… More ▸

  • Roth Dedicates Book on Sassoons to Hitler

    The honor of having a prominent Jewish historian’s book on a famous Jewish family dedicated to him is the latest, though unsolicited, “tribute” to Adolf Hitler. The book is Cecil Roth’s “The Sassoon Dynasty,” published today by the Robert Hale firm. Prof. Roth explains he dedicated the work to the German Chancellor, first, because he… More ▸

  • Hitler Puts Blame for Balkan War on ‘jewish Finance’

    Chancellor Hitler charged that the war “was forced on Germany by British Imperialism and by Jewish finance and capital” in a statement to the German people early today on the Yugoslav developments, according to a resume of the statement picked up by the Columbia Broadcasting System’s short-wave listening station. It was recalled here that the… More ▸

  • Hitler, Mussolini Renew Attacks on Jews

    Attacks on Jews figured in speeches of Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler and Premier Benito Mussolini today and yesterday. Hitler, speaking at the Munich beer hall in commemoration of the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Nazi Party, attributed Britain’s declaration of war to “a certain clique, encouraged also by Jewry, which of course acts everywhere… More ▸

  • Hitler Offered Poland Colony for Jews, Lipski Reveals

    Josef Lipski, former Polish Ambassador to Berlin, revealed for the first time today that colonies large enough to “settle the whole Jewish problem” had been offered to Poland by Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler at the time when he tried to secure Warsaw’s cooperation in plans for German hegemony in Europe. Lipski is now serving as a… More ▸

  • Hitler Threatens Reprisals Against European Jews if U.S. Enters War

    An implied threat of reprisals against the Jews of Europe if the United States enters the war was made by Fuehrer Adolf Hitler in his broadcast speech from Berlin today marking the eighth anniversary of the founding of the Third Reich. Hitler said: “…I also want to point out something which I mentioned in my… More ▸