• Jewish Soldiers Hold Passover Services in Nazi Meeting Hall on Adolph Hitler Street

    Passover services for hundreds of Jewish soldiers of an Infantry Division were held in a Nazi party meeting hall, No. 29 Adolph Hitler Strasso, in Dahn, Germany. Pressing deep into Germany, the soldiers halted only for the traditional religious ceremonies. “I am sure this Passover will live in your memories forever,” the division commander told… More ▸

  • Hitler-made Anti-semitism May Destroy Fabric of America, Judge Proskauer Warns

    Declaring that “the removal of inter-group tensions in America today is a task of vital necessity,” Judge Joseph M. Proskauer, president of the American Jewish Committee, warned today that “Hitler-made” political anti-Semitism is a threat to the American way of life. Speaking on the subject of “Inter-Group Tensions” at the forum sponsored by Christ Church,… More ▸

  • Hitler’s Personal Physician Lauds Einstein in Presence of German Ambassador

    The contributions of Prof. Albert Einstein to world science were lauded in Bern recently, by Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, Adolph Hitler’s personal physician, at a meeting attended by the German ambassador to Switzerland, it is reported today by the Sunday Dispatch. The newspaper adds that Dr, Sauerbruch delivered a dramatic appeal for humanity to master technical… More ▸

  • Emil Ludwig Says Hitler’s Anti-semitism Can Be Exploited by Allies to Split Germans

    The suggestion that the Allies exploit Hitler’s anti-Jewish propaganda to foster the dissension already reported to be existing between the Nazis and other group in Germany, is made by Emil Ludwig, noted German-Jewish writer, in a letter to the New York Times. “Hitler’s fanaticism against the Jews could be exploited by the Allies,” Mr. Ludwig… More ▸

  • Roosevelt Says Anti-semites Play Hitler’s Game, Serve Purposes of Nazis

    Anti-Semitism was branded as Hitler propaganda by President Roosevelt in a message read today to the National Conference to Combat Anti-Semitism, which has been called by the American Jewish Congress, In his message, which was addressed to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the President stated that “whoever condones or participates in anti-Semitism plays Hitler’s game.” At… More ▸

  • Swedish High Court Reverses Sentence of Jewish Professor Who Attacked Hitler

    The Swedish Privy Council has reversed the decision of a Stockholm court which sentenced Dr. Israel Holmgrem, a Jewish professor, to four months imprisonment on charge of violating the press statute by publishing statements against the leaders of the German Government in his pamphlet “Nazis Hell.” The pamphlet charged Hitler and other Nazi functionaries with… More ▸

  • Jews in Russia Threatened by Soviet General Who Joined Hitler’s Forces

    Joining the Nazi anti-Jewish crusade, General Andrei Vlassov, the Russian commander who surrendered to the Germans and was appointed by the Nazis as “chief of the Committee to Liberate Russia” today announced that Jews will be deprived of all their rights in Russia should he ever succeed in “liberating” it. Speaking at a meeting in… More ▸