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  • Swedish High Court Reverses Sentence of Jewish Professor Who Attacked Hitler

    The Swedish Privy Council has reversed the decision of a Stockholm court which sentenced Dr. Israel Holmgrem, a Jewish professor, to four months imprisonment on charge of violating the press statute by publishing statements against the leaders of the German Government in his pamphlet “Nazis Hell.” The pamphlet charged Hitler and other Nazi functionaries with… More ▸

  • Jews in Russia Threatened by Soviet General Who Joined Hitler’s Forces

    Joining the Nazi anti-Jewish crusade, General Andrei Vlassov, the Russian commander who surrendered to the Germans and was appointed by the Nazis as “chief of the Committee to Liberate Russia” today announced that Jews will be deprived of all their rights in Russia should he ever succeed in “liberating” it. Speaking at a meeting in… More ▸

  • Jews Will Overcome Hitler and Will Help Build a Better World, Benes Says

    The conviction that the Jews “will overcome the present calamity and will cooperate in the structure of a new and juster order within a permanent world peace,” was expressed here today by President Edouard Benes of Czechoslovakia in a message cabled to the Synagogue Council of America on the occasion of the Period of Mourning… More ▸

  • Refugee Scientists Exiled by Hitler Make America Greatest Mathematical Center

    Mathematics scholars, developed in pre-Hitler Germany with the aid of appropriations from the International Education Board which was founded by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and later driven from Germany by Hitler and his policies, have made America the world’s greatest mathematical center, Raymond B. Fosdick, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, said today in a review… More ▸

  • United Nations Asked to Appeal to Hitler to Permit Emigration of Jews

    The World Jewish Congress has submitted a request to the governments of the United Nations asking that they approach the German Government with a proposal that it permit Jews to leave Germany and Nazi occupied territories, it was disclosed last night at a meeting of the Administrative Committee of the Congress. Addressing the meeting, Dr…. More ▸

  • Hitler Reiterates Threat to Exterminate All Jews in Europe

    Adolf Hitler, in a manifesto broadcast today over the Berlin radio, reiterated his threat to exterminate all the Jews in Europe. He termed the Allied Nations a “Jewish world coalition” and devoted a substantial part of his proclamation to “the Jewish menace.” “The present struggle will not end with the annihilation of Aryan mankind but… More ▸

  • Shortage of Reserves Forces Hitler to Draft “half-jews” into Nazi Army

    “Half-Jews” and “quarter-Jews” have been serving in the Nazi army since last April, it was revealed today on the basis of documents seized by the Red Army when it captured the staff headquarters of the 298th infantry division. These documents reveal that as far back as last April the Nazi army was suffering from so… More ▸

  • German Americans Urged to Denounce Hitler’s Crimes Against Jews

    An appeal to German Americans throughout the United States to unite in a call to the German people to denounce the Hitler crimes against Jews and other civilian populations was made last night by Dr. George N. Shuster, president of Hunter College, in a radio address over the facilities of the Columbia Broadcasting System. Dr…. More ▸

  • Hitler Rejects Vatican’s Request for Investigation of Nazi Massacres in Poland

    A request by the Vatican that it be allowed to send representatives to occupied Poland for the purpose of investigating the reports of mass-killing of Poles and Jews by the Nazi occupation authorities was rejected by Hitler, the London press reported today. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency was informed today by authoritative sources that no final… More ▸