• Naturalized Americans Will Bear Great Share in Defeating Hitler, U.S. Official Says

    The U.S. Government will send special representatives to various theatres of war to confer citizenship on soldiers in the American armed forces who were born in other countries, regardless of their nationality or race, it was announced last night by Earl G. Harrison, Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization. Speaking at a dinner in the Roosevelt… More ▸

  • Hitler Pressing His Puppet States to Exterminate All Their Jews

    The Office of War Information today quoted Swiss newspapers reporting that Hitler is pressing the puppet states of Rumania, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia to follow his policy of immediate extermination of the Jews in Europe. At the same time the Federal Communications Commission today recorded an announcement made by the Nazi radio stations that the… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders Confer on Hitler’s Order for Annihilation of All Jews in Europe

    Appalled by the reports of the intensified massextermination of Jews in Nazi-held Poland and other occupied territories, representatives of major Jewish organizations last night held a special conference under the chairmanship of Dr. Stephen S. Wise at which it was decided to take the following measures. 1. Make public the documents on the Nazi annihilation… More ▸

  • Hitler Has Ordered Annihilation of All Jews by End of 1942, Washington Hears

    Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress, after a conference today with Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles and other high officials of the State Department, declared that Hitler has ordered the annihilation of all Jews in Europe by the end of this year. “This nows is substantiated in documents furnished to me… More ▸

  • Expulsion of Jewish Scientists Was Great Hitler Blunder, Royal Society Head States

    One of Hitler’s greatest blunders was throwing into the arms of the Allies many Jewish scientists, some of whom have found an opportunity to continue their work in Palestine. Sir Henry Dale, president of the Royal Society, declared today addressing the annual meeting of the Hebrew University. Sir Philip Hartog was elected president of the… More ▸

  • Swedish Paper Scores Hitler’s Threat to Stop Jewish Laughter

    Hitler’s threat to Jews that “their laughter will cease everywhere,” which he voiced in his address at the Sport Palace in Berlin last week, is sharply condemned today by the Swedish conservative newspaper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen. “One recoils in horror before the cold, deliberate cynicism of these words, envisioning a tormented, miserable people,” the paper writes…. More ▸

  • Hitler Tells Jews Not to Laugh at Him; “prophesies” World-wide Anti-semitism

    Repeating his now familiar anti-Jewish diatribe, Adolph Hitler, in his address in Berlin yesterday, again reiterated his threat to “eradicate” the Jews. “Anti-Semitism,” he said, “is growing, and every nation that enters this war will come out of it an anti-Semitic State. Jews laughed in Germany when I prophesied something. I don’t know if they… More ▸

  • Julius Streicher Reported Arrested by Hitler on Charges of Embezzlement

    Julius Streicher, one of the most virulent anti-Semites in Germany and editor of Der Steurmer, pornographic anti-Jewish magazine, is reported to have been arrested by Hitler, according to a Stockholm dispatch appearing today in the Daily Express. The Stockholm report asserted that Streicher had been charged with embezzling party funds. Reports reaching here during the… More ▸

  • Peace Conference Will Solve Jewish Problems Created by Hitler, Senator Says

    The solution of the problems created for the Jews by Hitler will be among the primary considerations at the forthcoming peace conference, Senator James M. Mead told a conference here yesterday, called by the American Jewish Congress, at which the launching of a $1,000,000 war relief campaign for Britain, Russia, China and other members of… More ▸

  • Hitler’s First Move Will Be Towards Syria, Turkish Circles Believe

    High British military officials are now inspecting the defenses of Syria, Palestine and Transjordania in anticipation of Hitler’s move toward Syria, it was reported here today. Conferences are also taking place with Free French officials in Syria and Emir Abdullah of Transjordania. The feeling is developing here that the Nazi military command may make its… More ▸