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  • Lublin Ghettos Closed for New Deportees; New Ghetto Opened in Sambor

    The two Jewish ghettos in Lublin, Nazi-held Poland, will no longer accept Jewish deportees, it was officially announced by local Nazi authorities, according to information reaching here today. The announcement explained that there is no more room in the ghettos for newcomers since thousands have already been jammed into all available living quarters in segregated… More ▸

  • Kaunas Jews Given Four Days to Move into Ghetto

    The first eye-witness story of Jewish destruction by the Nazis in Kaunas, Bialystok and Grodno is published today in the Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, written by its correspondent who just returned from a trip to these cities. All Jews in Kaunas, the correspondent reports, were given four days to move into the ghetto there. A… More ▸

  • Nazis Plan to Assemble All Baltic Jews in Lithuanian Ghetto

    Jews from all the Baltic countries will be assembled by the Hais in Lithuania to be isolated there in the huge Jewish ghetto which the Nazis are now establishing in Slobodka, a suburb of Kaunas, the Novoye Slovo, a pro-Nazi Russian newspaper published in Berlin reports today. The ghetto in Slobodke is planned to take… More ▸

  • Ghetto for 20,000 Jews Established in Kaunas by Nazis

    A ghetto for 20,000 Jews has been established in Kaunss, capital of Lithuania, by the Nazi authorities, according to a report today from the Berlin correspondent of the Stockholm Tidningens, Swedish daily newspaper. Describing conditions in Kaunas and Vilna, both of which were occupied by Nazi troops on June 21, the correspondent states that half… More ▸

  • Nazis Punish Jews in Poland, Lithuania on Pretext They Aided Soviet Forces

    Mass arrests of Jews in Nazi-conquered parts of Lithuania and stricter Nazi measures over the Jews in the ghettos of Warsaw and Lublin are reported here today as result of the Nazi-Soviet war, which, for the second time since the outbreak of the war, has brought death and destruction to sections of Poland and Lithuania… More ▸

  • News Brief

    A Kaunas dispatch to the J.T.A. on Nov. 23 reported a German radio broadcast in which a Nazi army physician said there was a typhus epidemic in Warsaw, that he had treated many of the cases himself and that precautions against spread of the epidemic had motivated the decision to transform Warsaw’s Jewish quarters into… More ▸

  • Lithuania Engineers Demand Ban on Jews in Public Works

    A ban on use of Jewish engineers in public works projects was demanded today by the Union of Lithuanian engineers in a memorandum sent to all Government institutions and to the presidency of the Government Party. Employment exclusively of non-Jewish Lithuanians on such projects was urged. Provincial newspapers are ignoring a recent Government declaration cautioning… More ▸

  • Lithuania Bans Reports of Anti-semitic Incidents

    The Government has clamped a rigid censorship on all reports of anti-Jewish incidents in the provinces and has prohibited articles replying to a proposal by Lietuvos Aidas, Government organ, that Jews be segregated in “ghetto” beaches at bathing resorts. Only publication of an official statement (reported in Sunday’s NEWS) on the proposal is permitted. It… More ▸

  • Lithuanian Official Condemns Effort to Stir Prejudice Against Jews

    Publication of an anti-Semitic article in the Government organ, Lietuvos Aidas, denotes no change in the Government’s Jewish policy, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was told today by the Government Press Director. The article, published last week, had urged establishment of “ghetto” beaches for Jews at Lithuanian resorts. Its publication resulted in a number of minor… More ▸

  • “ghetto” Beaches Urged for Jews at Lithuanian Resorts

    Establishment of “ghetto” bathing beaches for Jews at Lithuanian resorts was proposed today by Lietuvos Aidas, chief Government organ, Nian article by its chief editor. The article stirred indignation and alarm in Jewish quarters, since the newspaper had previously shown no anti-Semitic tendencies. More ▸