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Independent Order Brith Abraham

  • Fraternal Order Backs Defense, Britain, Palestine, Fight on Bias

    A ten-point program calling for support of Britain, American defense, Palestine and efforts to combat anti-Semitism was outlined today by Grand master Herman Hoffman, opening the 54th annual convention of Order Brith Abraham, attended by some 800 delegates at the Garden Pier Theater here. The convention also heard a message from President Roosevelt which declared… More ▸

  • Brith Abraham Meets Sunday

    The three-day 54th annual convention of the Independent Order Brith Abraham, largest-Jewish fraternal organization in America, opens here Sunday to discuss a number of problems, including combating of anti-Semitism, support for the Roosevelt defense program, aid to Britzia, post-war reconstruction of Jews in Europe, support of Palestine and refugee relief work. The gathering will be… More ▸

  • Lehman Warns Against Complacency in Face of Fifth Column

    Governor Herbert H. Lehman, addressing the convention of the Independent Order B’rith Abraham, asserted today that the Trojan horse in America, which is spreading subversive propaganda to undermine American democracy, will not survive if the people of America who believe in religion and despise dictatorship will not remain complacent. Among resolutions adopted was one expressing… More ▸

  • Jewish Congress Parley Asks Unified Agency, Relief Reorganization

    Resolutions calling for establishment of a “unified agency” to conduct Jewish defense activities during the war and for extension of “responsibility for the distribution of relief… to include representatives of various groups and elements in American Jewry” were adopted unanimously last night by 1561 delegates from 421 local and national Jewish organizations attending an emergency… More ▸

  • Plan to Set Up United Group for Duration of War Aired at Parley Here

    Delegates of a number of Jewish organizations in the metropolitan area met tonight in an emergency conference at the Hotel Edison, under the auspices of the American Jewish Congress, to discuss creation of a united agency for the duration of the war in all activities relating to the status and defense of Jews. The meeting… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Unite for Pilgrimage to Grave of Louis Marshall Today

    Representatives of practically every Jewish organization and several civic groups in Greater New York will honor the memory of the late Louis Marshall tomorrow with a pilgrimage to his grave in Salem Fields Cemetery, Brooklyn, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death. Memorial services will be conducted at 4 p.m. by Dr…. More ▸

  • Lehman, at B’rith Abraham Parley, Urges Aid to Exiles

    Governor Herbert H. Lehman, addressing the 52nd annual convention of Independent Order B’rith Abraham, today urged assistance to those looking for homes in other countries and appealed to Britain to open Palestine’s doors to refugees. Demanding that Palestine be maintained as a spiritual center of the Jewish people, the Governor praised the assistance of the… More ▸

  • Brith Abraham to Seek Representation in United Jewish Agency

    The 51st convention of Independent Order Brith Abraham, which closed today, approved the Pittsburgh agreement for coordination of efforts for Jewish defense and empowered its executive committee to take steps for representation of the order on the agency to be established under the agreement. The convention also adopted resolutions lauding President Roosevelt and Secretary of… More ▸

  • Brith Abraham Urged to Aid Inter-faith Fight on ‘isms’

    Opening the 51st annual convention of Independent Order Brith Abraham, largest Jewish fraternal order in the United States, Grandmaster Samuel Goldstein yesterday urged expansion of the organization, renewed effort for the Palestine Jewish homeland, participation in the American Jewish Congress elections, support of inter-faith efforts to defend democracy and cooperation with President Roosevelt’s plan to… More ▸

  • Plebiscite on Jewish State to Mark A.J. Congress Elections in June

    American Jews will be asked next month to register their approval or disapproval of creation of a Jewish State in Palestine in the first national referendum on that and three other questions affecting Jewish life here and throughout the world, it was announced today at a luncheon to representatives of the press by the American… More ▸