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Independent Order Brith Sholom

  • Solomon C. Kraus, Brith Sholom Grnd Master, Dies Suddenly in Atlantic City

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) Solomon C. Kraus. grand master of the Independent Order Brith Sholom and for many years a leader in Jewish educational and philanthropic work in America, died suddenly yesterday morning in the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Angina pectoris was given as the cause of death. Mr. Kraus had been in Atlantic City a month… More ▸

  • Senator King Denies He Rebuked Rabbi Wise in Zionist Controversy

    An inaccurate interpretation was placed on the remarks with reference to Dr. Stephen S. Wise’s resignation from the Executive and Administrative Committees of the Zionist Organization of America made by Senator William H. King of Utah before the national convention of the Independent Order Brith Sholom in Washington on June 3. The representatives of Washington… More ▸

  • Palestine Must Not Be Object of Non-zionist Charity, Wise Declares

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) The recent understanding reached between the Roumanian Minister at Washington and the United Roumanian Jews of America was a test for the Roumanian Government, declared Dr. Stephen S. Wise, President of the American Jewish Congress, in his address before the concluding session of the twenty-third annual convention of the Independent Order Brith… More ▸

  • Senator King Urges Zionists to Heal Differences at Brith Sholom Convention

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) A mild rebuke to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise for his stand in the present Zionist controversy was administered by United States Senator William H. King at the opening session of the twenty-third annual convention of the Independent Order Brith Sholom here. The Senator deplored the action of Rabbi Wise in resigning from… More ▸

  • Brith Sholom Opens Convention Today

    (Jewish Daily Bulletln) The twenty-third annual convention of the Independent Order Brith Sholom will open here on Sunday at the Hotel Washington. The sessions will last until Tuesday, June 5. Approximately four hundred and fifty delegates are expected to attend the convention which it is announced will be addressed by Senator William H. King of… More ▸

  • Annual Ort Convention to Be Held Next Sunday

    The annual Convention of the American Ort which will deal with the problems of Jewish reconstruction in Eastern and Central Europe will take place on Sunday, April 22d at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Delegates will attend, representing the Workmen’s Circle, Independent Order Brith Abraham, Indpendent Order B’nai Brith, Independent Order Brith Sholom and Free Sons of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Independent Order Brith Sholom launched the Scholarship Fund Campaign which has for its purpose to create an endowment to provide scholarships for children of members of the order to leading universities of the country. The goal set for the campaign is 350,000. Efforts will be made to complete the campaign on March 25, 1928…. More ▸

  • Fraternal Order, I. O. B. Screates Scholarships

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) A permanent scholarship foundation has been established by the Independent Order Brith Sholom, which last year awarded two scholarships for four year courses at American universities. The number of scholarships to be awarded this year will be dependent on the applications received. The factors to be considered in the awards will include,… More ▸

  • Twenty-one Americans Are Elected to Council on Jewish Rights

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) American Jews were given a prominent place in the Council on Jewish Rights, created at the Conference on Jewish Rights which ended its sessions here Saturday night. The new organization, which will take the place of the Committee of Jewish Delegations, was formed for the purpose of safeguarding the minority rights guaranteed… More ▸

  • Mussolini Treats Jews Better Than Protestants, Klan Paper Charges

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) “Il Duce lines up with Jewry” is the allegation made by the Fellowship Forum. said to be the Klan organ, in a despatch from Rome, quoting an interview with Dr. Angelo Sacerdoti, Chief Rabbi of Rome. “Fascism’s efforts towards approachment of the Italian state with the Catholic church have been accompanied by… More ▸