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  • India and Indonesia Support Arabs in U.N. Debate on Refugee Issue

    Two members of the Afro-Asian bloc–India and Indonesia–spoke up here today in the protracted debate of the Arab refugee problem, both speakers going right down the Arab line by calling for repatriation of the refugees in Israeli territory and by rejecting completely Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold’s plan for integration of the refugees into the productive… More ▸

  • Only 200 Jews Left in Indonesia; Many Emigrated over Decade

    The World Jewish Congress in New York reported today that in just over a decade the 2,000-member Jewish community of Indonesia has dwindled 10 less thin 200. Migration to a number of countries–Israel, Holland. Australia and other lands–is the gain cause of the decrease. Dr. I. Schwarzbart, director of the WJC’s Organization Department, said the… More ▸

  • Only 100 Jewish Families Remain in Indonesia; No Hostility Toward Jews

    Only 100 Jewish families remain in Indonesia, it was reported here today by a former communal leader in that country who arrived in Australia for permanent settlement. Though the Indonesian authorities have displayed no overt hostility toward the Jews, recent political and economic disruptions have made life more difficult for Indonesian Jews and many have… More ▸

  • Indonesia Will Not Recognize Israel, Envoy Says; Lauds Arab States

    The Government of Indonesia will continue to refuse to recognize the State of Israel as a gesture of gratitude to the Arab states which assisted her in the campaign to win liberation from the Netherlands, Indonesia’s Ambassador to Australia, Dr. J. Helmi, told a press conference here today. Dr. Helmi admitted that Indonesia had no… More ▸

  • Australia Agrees to Accept Stateless Jews Leaving Indonesia

    The Australian Government has agreed to accept stateless Jews now in Indonesia who want to leave that country, Sidney Einfeld, president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, told a meeting of the British section of the World Jewish Congress today. Mr. Einfeld estimated that in all there were no more than 500 to 600… More ▸

  • Australian Jewry Offers Aid to Jews Forced to Flee from Indonesia

    The Australian Jewish community offered today its assistance to any Jews forced out of Indonesia in the current anti-Dutch disorders. The offer was made by Sidney D. Einfeld, president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, to the Dutch community in this city. He pledged that his organization would provide temporary accommodations and other care… More ▸

  • Indonesia Withdraws Its Soldiers from U. N. Force in the Gaza Area

    The Indonesian Government has informed the United Nations that it withdraws its 584 soldiers presently in the UN Emergency Force at the termination of their six months of service. In a letter to the Secretariat, the Government of Indonesia expressed “deep regret at its inability to provide a replacement for further service.” More ▸

  • Arabs Pressure Indonesia Against Playing Soccer with Israeli Teams

    Arab boycott pressure may catapult Israel’s soccer team into the semi-finals of the International Football Federation’s world competition this year without it having played a single game, it was learned today. The Israeli team is scheduled to play an Indonesian soccer team in a home-and-home meet on July 31 and August 15, but so far… More ▸

  • Indonesia Says She Can Refuse Visa to Israelis Without Explanation

    An Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman said today in Jakarta that Indonesia was free to refuse visas to Israelis and had no obligation to give clarification on why a visa was refused. He commented on press reports that the American Jewish Congress had criticized Indonesia for refusing visas to Israel delegates to the coming World University… More ▸