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  • The Disengagement Summer Foreign Tourists Enjoy Israel, Unfazed by the Pullout Tumult

    For visitors to Israel this summer, the disengagement from the Gaza Strip is proving hard to ignore. “Everybody’s orange,” laughs Rebecca Kaminski, from Berlin, referring to the color adopted by the anti-disengagement activists. “I’m on the blue side, I guess.” Sitting on the beach in Netanya, the 22-year-old is working on her already impressive tan… More ▸

  • Barred from Israel by Egypt, Ali Salem Comes to Washington

    Across the Arab world, leaders and intellectuals are taking only baby steps when it comes to accepting Israel into the fold. Ali Salem, on the other hand, has been speeding toward that goal — sometimes literally — for over a decade. The Egyptian writer has visited Israel 15 times since his first journey by car… More ▸

  • As Gaza Withdrawal Approaches, Worries Mount for Israel’s Sharon

    With the planned Israeli withdrawal from Gaza less than three weeks away, right-wing leaders say they haven’t yet given up hope of preventing it. According to the Israeli Defense Forces, about 2,000 right-wingers have managed to pass through the army cordon around Gaza and are planning to join up with radical settlers there to resist… More ▸

  • Fencing in Jerusalem Proving to Be No Easy Matter for Israel

    A year after the United Nations-affiliated International Court at The Hague ruled that Israel’s West Bank security barrier is illegal, controversy over the section in and around Jerusalem could spark new international pressure on the Jewish state to change the fence route or stop construction altogether. Palestinian leaders warn that the planned route of the… More ▸

  • For Students, Dog Days of Summer Give Way to Israel Advocacy Training

    Summer for students once meant lazy days for swimming, reading or playing sports. But for many of today’s Jewish youth, summer is a key time for rigorous training in Israel advocacy and Jewish leadership. Since the start of the Palestinian intifada nearly five years ago, scores of Jewish groups rolled out or beefed up programs… More ▸

  • As Ethiopians Plan for Aliyah, Israel Hasn’t Found Money for It

    Though tens of thousands of Ethiopians are anticipating making aliyah, little has been done in Israel to prepare for their move. Officials estimate that it will cost some $23 million for the immigration of about 20,000 Falash Mura, Ethiopians whose Jewish ancestors converted to Christianity but who have since returned to Judaism. Beginning next month,… More ▸

  • Pro-israel College Activists Quietly Successful on Campus

    Parents are frightened, defense organizations are sounding the alarm, and community-based activists are in a state of near apoplexy over the alleged dominance of anti-Israel forces on American college campuses. In the past few years, however, there has been a quiet revolution in pro-Israel campus advocacy — supported by such mainstream organizations as AIPAC, Hillel,… More ▸