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  • With Tourism to Israel Reviving, Official Reaches out to Non-jews

    Missions to Israel are a staple of Jewish organizational life, but when Pepe Barreto leads a group tour there in the near future it will represent something new. Barreto is the most popular talk-show host on Spanish-language radio in Los Angeles and a major player in a new drive to boost travel to Israel by… More ▸

  • Irish Jewish Academic Explains Why His Country is So Anti-israel

    There’s an old joke in Ireland about the man in Belfast who, when asked his religion, answers simply that he is Jewish. “That’s fine,” his questioner replies. “But are you a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew?” Though the joke appears to be aimed at Belfast tribalism, its real target is Irish parochialism — the… More ▸

  • Poll of U.S. and British Views on Israel Suggests Ways to Spin

    Publicizing Israel’s plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip may hold the key to winning public support for the Jewish state, according to a new survey. In the post-Yasser Arafat era, Americans generally still side with Israel, considered a like-minded ally, and show hostility toward the Palestinians, according to The Israel Project, a group working… More ▸

  • Survey: with Terrorism Down, So Are U.S. Jewish Ties to Israel

    Palestinian terror during the intifada led to an increase in U.S. Jews’ attachment to Israel, but now that the violence is subsiding, that attachment appears to be decreasing as well. That’s according to a new survey conducted by one of the leading demographers of Jewish life. “We know that 2002 was an unusual year of… More ▸

  • Coalition Asks State Department to Downgrade Travel Warning to Israel

    In a new campaign, a group called Caravan for Democracy is asking the U.S. State Department to reconsider its warning against travel to Israel. As a result of the warning to Americans planning trips to Israel, updated with more severe language in the spring of 2002, nearly all of the more than 100 U.S. colleges… More ▸

  • Assassination in Lebanon Opens Possibilities for Israel and Its Foes

    Political assassinations often turn out to be seminal events, but they don’t always work out the way the assassins wanted them to. The Feb. 14 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is widely believed to have been engineered by Syrian intelligence. It may well have triggered a chain reaction that will lead to… More ▸

  • Alan Dershowitz Defends Israel at Polarized Columbia University

    Israelis and Palestinians may one day manage to resolve their differences — but it’s likely that their supporters at Columbia University will still be fighting each other. It sounds like a sad joke, but Alan Dershowitz is serious. “The kind of hatred that one hears on campuses like Columbia, and especially Columbia, is a barrier… More ▸

  • New York Philanthropist Turns Gaze to Israel’s Druse, Asks Others to Join

    It’s not every day that Edith Everett asks someone for money. A major Jewish philanthropist, Everett and her late husband, Henry, were known to take on progressive but unpopular projects, putting their money toward social justice causes and trying to draw attention to them largely because no one else had. “We almost never ask anybody… More ▸

  • Bush Outlines Expectations for Both Israel, Palestinians

    It was an invitation without an RSVP. Come on over, President Bush told his newly elected Palestinian Authority counterpart — but let’s wait to set a date. The check is in the mail I’m just not sure how much. The decisive election Sunday of Mahmoud Abbas, the moderate favored by Israel, the United States and… More ▸

  • With Security Situation Improved, Tourists Return to Israel in Force

    Repelling down Judean Desert mountain faces, bumping along dirt roads by jeep and tucking notes into the Western Wall in Jerusalem, tourists have returned to Israel for winter vacation in the largest numbers since the Palestinian intifada began more than four years ago. The perception that Israel is safer than it was a year ago,… More ▸