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  • Escape Hatch: French Jews Visit Israel As Anti-semitism Rises at Home

    French is one of the common languages spoken around the sparkling blue pool at the David Intercontinental in Tel Aviv, along the sandy beaches of Netanya and Eilat and the hotel lobbies of Jerusalem this summer. Some 50,000 French Jews decided to forgo usual vacation favorites such as the French Riviera this summer and come… More ▸

  • North American Doctors Build New Lives After Moving to Israel

    A week after the Benuck family made aliyah from New Jersey, lunchtime at their house is cheese sandwiches, fruit and yogurt on a wobbly card table in an empty living room. The room’s only decoration is a poster explaining the administrative steps for immigrating to the Jewish state. But there is good news, Mitchell Benuck… More ▸

  • House Approves Israel Aid, but Rift Evident on Security Fence Bill

    As the U.S. House of Representatives continues to refine its positions on the Middle East, support for Israel remains strong — but divisions are beginning to show. On July 15, the House passed its annual foreign aid appropriations bill, giving Israel $2.2 billion in military aid and $360 million in economic aid. House members shot… More ▸

  • World Court Says Security Fence is Illegal, but Israel Rejects Opinion

    The Jews were outraged, perhaps, but not surprised. For months, Israel had been bracing for a negative ruling on its West Bank security barrier from the International Court of Justice at The Hague, and last Friday it came — with no criticism of the Palestinian terrorist onslaught that prompted Israel to build the fence. Israeli… More ▸

  • In Landmark Ruling, High Court Says Israel Must Reroute Its Security Fence

    Security cannot come at any price, Israel has decided. The High Court of Justice on Wednesday ordered that a 20-mile section of the West Bank security barrier be rerouted to reduce the hardship caused to Palestinians on whose lands it will be built. Israeli defense officials, insisting that the original route offered the best bulwark… More ▸

  • Obituary Israel’s National Folk Musician, Naomi Shemer, Dies at Age 74

    It was a sign of the importance of Naomi Shemer to Israel’s national psyche that the singer’s death relegated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the inside pages of the nation’s newspapers. Saturday’s death of Israel’s national folk musician, at the age of 74 from cancer, spurred Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to open his weekly Cabinet… More ▸

  • Under Threat of Hezbollah Missiles, Israel Reconsiders Its Policy in North

    How much longer President Bush remains in office may have an impact on what Israel does to counter the threat from the Hezbollah. After an early May flare-up with Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border, some Israeli generals are pressing for a major military operation in southern Lebanon. In calculated leaks to the press, Israel Defense… More ▸

  • Iraq Unrest May Boost Sharon Visit, but in Long Run It Bodes Ill for Israel

    The conflagration in Iraq is likely to draw Israel and the United States closer for now, but a long-term war could riddle the alliance with political land mines. The uncertainty flourishing in Iraq is reinforcing American reliance on its closest regional ally, but a failure in Iraq could lead to a range of dire outcomes… More ▸