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  • Japan Ready for More Active Role in Aiding Mideast, WJC Leader Says

    Japan is now taking a much more active, evenhanded approach to the Middle East, according to World Jewish Congress Co-chairman Isi Leibler, who met here Friday with Foreign Minister Michio Watanabe. Among other things, Japan intends to play a role in Middle East reconstruction as part of the peace process, Watanabe told his visitor. Watanabe,… More ▸

  • Japan Said to Make Proposal to Facilitate Mideast Travel

    Japan is reported to have made a concrete proposal that might improve the economies of Middle Eastern countries and advance peace in the region. It was offered during a closed-door session of the multilateral conference on regional economic problems, held here last week under the European Community’s chairmanship. The Japanese idea is to ease travel… More ▸

  • Mcdonald’s Chairman Apologizes for Comments of Japanese Partner

    McDonald’s Corp. has apologized to the Anti-Defamation League on behalf of its Japanese partner’s “stereotypical references” to Jews in recent public comments. Den Fujita, the fast-food company’s business partner, wrote a book entitled “The Jewish Way of Doing Business,” which has sold more than 1 million copies. He told The New York Times in a… More ▸

  • Japanese Liberators of Dachau Join in Yom Hashoah Ceremonies

    Fifty Japanese-American veterans of World War II who helped liberate the Dachau concentration camp will participate in the Holocaust memorial ceremonies here preceding Israel Independence Day this week. The veterans will attend the opening of an exhibition of snapshots they made when they entered the death camp in Germany 47 years ago. The exhibit, assembled… More ▸

  • Japanese Firms Starting to Shake of Arab Boycott Strictures, Group Finds

    Japanese corporations are beginning to shake off the strictures imposed by the Arab boycott and show increased willingness to do business with Israel, an American Jewish Committee delegation reported after returning from a week of meeting with Japanese officials in Tokyo. The change began with the Persian Gulf War, according to AJCommittee President Alfred Moses,… More ▸

  • Japanese Minister in Israel, Will Discuss Arab Boycott

    Japan’s foreign minister arrived in Israel on Thursday to discuss, among other things, Japan’s continued partial adherence to the Arab boycott of Israel. Taro Nakayama created a moment of embarrassment almost immediately when he referred to the administered territories as “Palestine.” The diplomatic faux pas was attributed to the fact that a conversation he had…. More ▸

  • Japanese Prime Minister Picketed

    More than 100 pro-Israel Christians and Jews demonstrated outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach last Thursday while President Bush was meeting inside with Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu. The demonstrators, carrying signs such as “Stop the Boycott,” were protesting the compliance by Japanese companies with the Arab-directed economic boycott of Israel. A petition… More ▸

  • Senators Press Japan to End Cooperation with Arab Boycott

    Japan’s compliance with the Arab economic boycott of Israel is being targeted by those in the United States who believe that the successful outcome of the Persian Gulf War provides an opportunity to end the boycott. Nine U.S. senators, describing themselves as “supporters of a strong U.S.-Japanese relationship,” have sent a letter to Japanese Prime… More ▸

  • Japan-israel Trade Sharply off As a Result of Persian Gulf War

    Japanese banks and companies have sharply curtailed their transactions with Israel as a result of the Persian Gulf war, even though Israel is not a combatant, Israeli and American Jewish officials charge. The issue was expected to be taken up this week during a visit to Israel by the Japanese deputy foreign minister, who also… More ▸

  • Japan Makes a Gesture to Israel

    Japan has sent a message of sympathy to Israeli victims of Iraqi missile attacks and has promised to improve its relations with Israel once the war in the Persian Gulf has ended. The message was delivered here Sunday by Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Hisashi Owada, who is on a brief official visit, a rare occurrence… More ▸