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  • Japanese Prime Minister Picketed

    More than 100 pro-Israel Christians and Jews demonstrated outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach last Thursday while President Bush was meeting inside with Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu. The demonstrators, carrying signs such as “Stop the Boycott,” were protesting the compliance by Japanese companies with the Arab-directed economic boycott of Israel. A petition… More ▸

  • Senators Press Japan to End Cooperation with Arab Boycott

    Japan’s compliance with the Arab economic boycott of Israel is being targeted by those in the United States who believe that the successful outcome of the Persian Gulf War provides an opportunity to end the boycott. Nine U.S. senators, describing themselves as “supporters of a strong U.S.-Japanese relationship,” have sent a letter to Japanese Prime… More ▸

  • Japan-israel Trade Sharply off As a Result of Persian Gulf War

    Japanese banks and companies have sharply curtailed their transactions with Israel as a result of the Persian Gulf war, even though Israel is not a combatant, Israeli and American Jewish officials charge. The issue was expected to be taken up this week during a visit to Israel by the Japanese deputy foreign minister, who also… More ▸

  • Japan Makes a Gesture to Israel

    Japan has sent a message of sympathy to Israeli victims of Iraqi missile attacks and has promised to improve its relations with Israel once the war in the Persian Gulf has ended. The message was delivered here Sunday by Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Hisashi Owada, who is on a brief official visit, a rare occurrence… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Japanese Takeover of Mca Raises Concerns About Boycott

    The takeover of the Hollywood entertainment conglomerate MCA by a Japanese company has raised questions about Japanese compliance with the Arab-led boycott of Israel, and the extent to which compliance may decline with Japan’s growing role in American businesses. A leading Jewish organization has charged that Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, which acquired MCA on Monday… More ▸

  • Waldheim Going to Tokyo Coronation, but Won’t Meet with Japanese Leaders

    The World Jewish Congress could not prevent Kurt Waldheim from going to Tokyo. But it believes it succeeded in isolating the Austrian president with a Nazi past, who is among the many chiefs of state or their representatives attending the coronation of Emperor Akihito on Monday. The WJC reported receiving assurances from Tokyo that no… More ▸

  • No Anti-semitism Among Japanese, Ambassador Assures Jews Here

    Japan’s ambassador to the United States sought to assure a Jewish audience last week that anti-Semitism is not prevalent among the Japanese people. “I can say categorically anti-Semitism has no root in my country,” Ambassador Ryohei Murata said at an Oct. 29 luncheon sponsored by the Washington chapter of the American Jewish Committee. Murata said… More ▸

  • Haifa Museum Offering Reward for Stolen Japanese Miniatures

    Museum authorities in Haifa are offering a $5,000 award for information leading to the recovery of a collection of Japanese miniature art objects, which were stolen early Monday morning from the municipality’s Museum of Japanese Art on Mount Carmel. The collection, which was uninsured, is reportedly valued at $300,000. The thieves did not touch paintings… More ▸

  • Arens Wins Agreement from Japanese for Annual Bilateral Consultations

    Israel and Japan will conduct annual bilateral discussions on international issues and projects of mutual interest, beginning in January. Japanese leaders agreed to the discussions during a five-day official visit here by Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Arens, which ended Saturday. The trip was described as successful, even though Arens did not see eye to eye… More ▸

  • Trade Relations High on Agenda of Arens’ Six-day Visit to Japan

    Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Arens arrives in Tokyo on Monday for an official six-day visit that is to include talks with Japanese political and business leaders, including Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu. Arens’ visit follows a trip to Israel in June 1988 by Sosuke Uno, then Japanese foreign minister. His trip is expected to focus on… More ▸