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Jewish holidays

  • Take an Exodus from Heavy Fare, Try Fruits and Veggies at Seder

    Hard-boiled eggs, brisket, matzah balls laced with chicken fat and flourless cakes that require eight eggs. Not to forget the farfel casseroles laden with margarine and often containing harmful trans fats or the saturated fat of butter. Passover may be the quintessential spring holiday, but many of its foods are far from lite in calories,… More ▸

  • Multilingual Seder in Paris Helps Bridge the Gaps

    At the Kehilat Gesher seder here, guests are free to participate in almost any language they want. The French-American liberal synagogue, serving some 145 families in greater Paris at two locations, for the past three years has been conducting its festive Passover meal in more than 10 languages. Among the tongues spoken: English, French, Hebrew,… More ▸

  • Free Moscow Matzah Comes with Some Passover Learning

    Many of the elderly Jews filling the pews of the Choral Synagogue here on an unseasonably warm afternoon come for the same reason that would have drawn them during Soviet times: matzah. This year, however, 69-year-old Galina Gershuni is receiving something she unlikely would not have in those darker days: a history lesson with the… More ▸

  • Rachel Crossley: Sukkah Sowed Jewish Seed

    When Rachel Crossley was growing up in Ohio, her family celebrated her father’s Christian holidays and her mother’s Jewish ones. But she knew that she and her twin brother were Jewish her mother always told them so. Then why, Rachel asked when she was 12, didn’t the family go to synagogue? Why did they put… More ▸

  • The Boys of Summer and Seder: Baseball, Passover Share Openers

    This certainly won’t be the first time that opening day of baseball season coincides with the first Passover seder, but the confluence seems particularly appropriate this year. Why is this spring training different from all other spring trainings? It turns out that this winter saw the greatest exodus of Jewish Major Leaguers, or JMLs, in… More ▸

  • Op-ed Purim’s Revelry Conceals Message

    When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad invited Holocaust deniers from around the world to “re-envision history” by shedding darkness on our people’s darkest hours, white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke spoke on behalf of “the oppressed people of the world” and was given an opportunity on CNN to call Wolf Blitzer a… More ▸

  • Purim Feature Youtube Appeal for Gift Baskets

    Imagine what Esther and Mordechai could have accomplished with YouTube. A New Jersey synagogue has seized upon the latest Internet technology to send the Purim message to far-flung U.S. Jewish troops and raise funds for gift packages, or mishloach manot. The YouTube message, performed as a good-natured spoof of an Oval Office address, has exceeded… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture Guide to Jewish Sites in England Sells out in Lead-up to Chanukah

    A new book documenting sites of Jewish interest in England has sold out its first printing. “Jewish Heritage in England: An Architectural Guide” was published last month to coincide with the 350th anniversary of Jewish resettlement in England. The guidebook sold thousands of copies in its first month, and publishers have ordered a second print… More ▸

  • Bush Appropriates Chanukah Moral in Depicting Current Threat from Iran

    The White House Christmas tree is up, the Christmas cards have been sent, but when it comes to policy, it’s beginning to sound a lot like Chanukah. President Bush and his Cabinet have seized upon the Maccabean message of refusing to give in to tyranny to reinforce Bush’s refusal to deal with Iran as a… More ▸