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  • Yugosliv Government Allots $250,000 for Aid for Destitute Jewish War Orphans

    The Yugoslav Ministry of Social Welfare has allotted 10,000,000 dinars (nominally $250,000) to aid Jewish orphans without relatives or property, the New Yugoslav Telegraph Service reports today. The announcement said that “although a very small number of Jews survived the horrors of Belgrade and the concentration camps at Jajince and Poland, the care of this… More ▸

  • 2,000 Budapest Jews Return from Oswiecim Camp; 20,000 More Survivors Are Expected

    About 2,000 Hungarian Jews from the Oswiecim death camp have already returned to Budapest it was reported here today by a Jewish leader who has just arrived from the liberated hungarian capital. Another 20,000 Jewish survivors are expected to be brought from Oswiecim to Budapest within the next few days, he said. He emphasized that… More ▸

  • JTA Correspondent Finds Only 543 Jews in Salonica; 50,000 Lived There Before the War

    Three-and-a-half years of German occupation reduced the Jewish community of this city from 50,000 to 543 and resulted in the confiscation and destruction of millions of dollars worth of Jewish property, according to a survey by a special correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The Nazi new order for Jews – terrorism, intimidation, sadistic persecution… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups in Ecuador Negotiating for Admission of Jewish Orphans from Europe

    Jewish organizations here are negotiating for the admission of several hundred Jewish orphans from Europe, it was learned today. In view of the government’s recent decision to admit 300 orphans being cared for in different European countries by the Unitarian Service Committee, it is expected that it will approve immigration of a limited number of… More ▸

  • Polish Peasants Bringing Hidden Jewish Children to Local Jewish Organizations

    The Central Jewish Relief Committee here today reported that hundreds of Jewish children, sheltered in churches and in the homes of Polish peasants during the German occupation, are being turned over to Jewish communities in the liberated part of Poland where homes for Jewish orphans are being established under the supervision of Jewish leaders. "The… More ▸

  • German Anti-semitic Poison Will Remain in Europe for Generations, Weizmann Warns

    The anti-Semitic poison which the Germans have spread throughout Europe will endure for many generations, Dr. Chaim Weizmann said yesterday, addressing a “Small Zionist Congress” convoked here by the Keren Hayesod. It is necessary, therefore, he added, that a Jewish homeland be established in Palestine as the only solution for the problem of the Jews… More ▸

  • Rumanian Decree on Restoration of Jewish Rights Evokes Strong Criticism

    Rumanian Jewish leaders today expressed dissatisfaction with the decree issued by the Rumanian Government abolishing racial laws, reinstating dismissed Jewish employees and professionals, and returning confiscated Jewish property. Criticism of the decree, which was promulgated by the Rumanian cabinet last Friday and the full text of which was made public today, was voiced by Dr…. More ▸

  • Transport of Jewish Orphans Leaves Rumania for Russia; Will Be Reared in Odessa

    A transport of 520 Jewish orphans who were found in Transnistria when that territory was liberated by the Russian Army and who have been living in Bucharest for about six months, today left for Odessa where they will be raised in special children’s homes. At a farewell party given to the children, General Sergei Vinogradov,… More ▸

  • Jews Play Large Part in Russian Military Successes, Says Ambassador Gromyko

    Jews have played an important role in the successes of the Red Army, participating activity in front-line units and in guerrilla bands, Soviet Ambassador Andrei Gromyko said last night, addressing a dinner arranged by the Ambijan Committee as part of its national convention. ” Among the outstanding military leaders of the Soviet Union are many… More ▸