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  • 600 Jewish Refugee Children from Poland Leave Teheran for Palestine

    Six hundred Jewish refugee children from Poland who have been stranded in Iron for some time after having arrived here from Soviet Russia an route to Palestine, finally left for Palestine today. They are being escorted by sixty adults. Four hundred more children are expected to leave here for Palestine in the near future. The… More ▸

  • JTA Correspondent Reports on Present Position of Polish Jews in Russia

    A picture of the present situation of the hundreds of thousands of Polish Jews who are now stranded in Russia was given here today by S. Wolkowicz, the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in Russia, who arrived here en route to Palestine where he intends to remain for a few weeks prior to returning… More ▸

  • Jewish Organizations in Argentina Study Means of Bringing over Refugee Children

    Central Jewish organizations in Argentina are now studying ways and means of transporting 1,000 Jewish refugee children from Naziheld territory to Argentina, it was reported here today by the Hias-Ica Emigration Association. Permission for them to enter has been granted by the President of the Argentine Republic. The President’s assent was secured by large Jewish… More ▸

  • Systematic Execution of Jews in Nazi-occupied Russia Reported by Partisans

    Further details of the systematic extermination of the Jews in the Nazi-occupied portions of Russia were made public today by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, on the basis of reports brought here by partisans operating in the German rear. A Jewish partisan who succeeded in slipping into Kiev, dressed in peasant clothes, told the following story…. More ▸

  • Air Attacks on Budapest Used by Nazi Press for Anti-jewish Incitement

    Nazi newspapers in Budapest are utilizing the Russian air raids on the Hungarian capital to stir up increased anti-Jewish feelings by alleging that Jews are signalling to the Russian fliers by violating blackout regulations. The Budapest press reaching here today reports that a member of Jews were fined this week for blackout violations during the… More ▸

  • Bulgarian Government Introduces Decrees Restricting All Aspects of Jewish Life

    A code of anti-Jewish regulations embracing the already existing anti-Semitic measures and adding several new restrictions was issued yesterday by the Bulgarian Government, according to a report from Sofia by the German Trans-Ocean news service. The new code, as announced today, is the result of an authorization voted last month by the Bulgarian Parliament giving… More ▸

  • Nazis Massacre 700,000 Polish Jews; Thousands Executed in Mobile Gas Chambers

    More than 700,000 Polish Jews – a third of the entire Jewish population – have been massacred by the Nazis in Poland since last summer, it was charged in a detailed report received here today through underground channels by Samuel Zygelbaum, Jewish member of the Polish National Council. Thousands of these victims were killed by… More ▸

  • 20,000 Jews of Stanislawow Segregated in Ghetto by Nazi Authorities

    The 20,000 Jews of the city of Stanislawow, Nazi-occupied Galicia, have been removed to a ghetto in the suburb of Belvedere, according to a report published in the pro-Nazi Ukrainian newspaper Krakiwski List, reaching here today. Other reports reaching here today from Nazi-held Poland state that the Jewish Council in the newly-established ghetto of Stanislawow… More ▸

  • 116 Children Reach Lisbon from France, in Route to U.S.

    A group of 116 refugee children from Germany and Austria, most of them Jewish, arrived here yesterday from unoccupied France to proceed to the United States under a special arrangement between the United States Committee for the Care of European Children, the J.D.C., the Quakers and the State Department in Washington. The majority of the… More ▸