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jewish orphans

  • Nazis in Hungary Defy Censorship in Campaign Against Jews in Cinema Field

    The German Volksgruppe (minority group) today served notice on the Hungarian Government that it would no longer submit to Hungarian censorship but would organize a special Volksgruppe censorship. The Deutsche Zeitung, German minority organ, recently published numerous items specially banned by the Hungarian censor and which were not printed in Hungarian papers. One of these… More ▸

  • Jewish Orphans Move 3 Times to Escape Nazi Bombings

    The children of the Norwood Jewish orphanage are beginning to think that Goering’s bombers have special instructions to pursue them. At the beginning of the war the children were evacuated to a home in a south coast town. Later they were shifted elsewhere owing to enemy aerial activities. But the Nazi fliers gave them no… More ▸

  • Warsaw Jewish Community Furnishes 8,000 for Forced Labor

    The Warsaw Jewish community furnishes a forced labor battalion of 8,000 men daily, the president of the community, Czerniakow, revealed in an interview published in the Gazeta Zydowska, only Jewish newspaper in Nazi-held Poland, copies of which reached here today. The community is at present operating on a budget of 4,300,000 zlotys annually, compared to… More ▸

  • Bread, Warm Clothes Seen Vital Need for 2,000,000 Jews in Nazi, Soviet Poland

    Bread and warm clothing for nearly 1,500,000 hungry Jews in Nazi Poland and winter clothing for 500,000 homeless Jewish refugees under the Soviet occupation is the need of the hour, according to a “reasonably complete and accurate summary” of the situation of the Polish Jews received here today. The summary revealed that: (1) A million… More ▸

  • Gestapo Expels Jewish Children, Committee Hears

    Thousands of Jewish children, so young they are unable to give their or their parents names, have been smuggled out of Germany into neutral countries by the Gestapo so that the Reich would have fewer mouths to feed, officers of the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee were informed today. Some of the children were orphans and others… More ▸

  • Hungarian Parliament Gets Revised Anti-jewish Bill for Detailed Debate

    The revised anti-Jewish bill, embracing a more liberal definition of a Jew and extending the scope of exemptions, was brought before Parliament today for a point-by-point debate. A second reading of the measure, which would drastically limit participation of Jews in Hungary’s economic and cultural life, was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies last Thursday… More ▸

  • Gafencu to Seek Joint Polish-rumanian Action on Emigration in Warsaw Talks

    Establishment of a joint policy on Jewish emigration will be sought by Foreign Minister Grigoire Gafencu during the Warsaw conversations on questions affecting Rumania and Poland in the light of the present international situation. Mr. Gafencu, who left for Poland today with the reported major aim of achieving a Polish-Rumanian alliance to resist Hitler’s ambitions… More ▸

  • “ghetto Representation” in Parliament Planned for Rumanian Jews

    A member of the Cabinet told this correspondent today that the Government planned to establish “ghetto representation” for Rumania’s 900,000 Jews as a substitute for the political rights of which they have been deprived, including the right to elect or be elected to Parliament. This right is now accorded only to members of the National… More ▸

  • Jews Seen Included in Goering Decree for Forced Labor

    The possibility that Jews may be brought into the Nazi labor draft system was seen today in Field Marshal Hermann Goering’s decree for conscription of labor which extends the legal basis for labor service to all German nationals and “Reichsangehoerige” (wards of the State). Significantly, the decree uses the word “Staatsangehoerige,” which is contradictory to… More ▸