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Joe Lieberman

  • Political Tidbits: Obama has Joe, shouldn’t McCain get one too?

    William Kristol makes the case for the McCain-Lieberman ticket. And Joe makes the case for a vow of silence. The New York Sun wonders if Barack Obama is taking the Empire State for granted. A blind rabbi and a Chinese Jew running for Congress walk into a Democratic convention. Madonna goes Hitler on McCain. …… More ▸

  • Lieberman: Still an asset in attracting Jewish votes?

    Sure, Joe Lieberman was very popular among Jewish voters in 2000, but would his inclusion on the Republican presidential ticket this year inspire significant numbers of them to jump to the GOP? Jewish McCain supporters say yes, but a recent poll indicates the Connecticut senator might not be much of a draw anymore among his… More ▸

  • No Joementum among Republicans

    When Al Gore picked Joe Lieberman as his running mate eight years ago, many Republicans said he was their favorite Democrat. But that doesn’t mean they want him to be the Republican vice presidential nominee. The Politico’s report that Lieberman, or fellow pro-choice politician Tom Ridge, was apparently being seriously considered as John McCain’s vice… More ▸

  • What did they call him?

    Is the Associated Press unconsciously channeling the feelings of many Democrats about Joe Lieberman? Check out the typo in the 10th paragraph of this AP story on vice presidential speculation, which includes an extra letter when describing the 2000 Democratic VP pick. More ▸

  • Another Jewish VP possibility?

    How about Carl Levin for Barack Obama’s VP? Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic makes a pretty good case–national security experience, attractive to Jewish voters–but doubts it will happen because we haven’t yet heard the Michigan senator’s name floated. Meanwhile, over on the GOP side, Joe Lieberman’s name is once more being bandied about as… More ▸

  • Obama in Israel: What to look for

    It’s not quite as big a stage as the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, but plenty of pundits and Jewish observers will be paying attention Wednesday as Barack Obama visits Israel (the first half of the sentence was a joke … I think). Obama spoke at the AIPAC parley back in early June, the morning… More ▸

  • Jewish Dems worry about Lieberman

    The Hill has a piece about Jewish Democratic unease over Sen. Joe Lieberman’s targeting of Obama on issues of concern to Jews: Jewish Democrats are anxious that Sen. Joe Lieberman’s support for Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) will hurt their own nominee’s chances with voters of their faith. Their increasing frustration came to… More ▸

  • Joe home

    As Joe Lieberman campaigns for John McCain and steps up his criticisms of Barack Obama, he faces a growing wave of counterattacks from liberal commentators. Jonathan Chait takes aim in the current issue of the New Republic: There’s hardly any sense in which Lieberman is an independent figure. He’s become a cog in the Republican… More ▸

  • Obama and Lieberman

    Jake Tapper of ABC News has the skinny on the Obama-Lieberman exchange on the Senate floor after Joe criticized the Illinois senator’s AIPAC speech. Neither party is officially talking. But while Lieberman spokesman Marshall Whitman says the conversation was “a cordial and friendly discussion” and Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton says it was “private and… More ▸