Joe Lieberman

  • Political Tidbits: Holocaust politics, Hagee & Joe, Weiner & Hillary hand

    Menachem Rosensaft says stop using Holocaust to smear Barack Obama. And the ADL has something to say on the topic also. The New York Daily News jumps on the “Zbigniew Brzezinski accuses Jewish groups of McCarthyism” story, quotes Obama camp saying that the Carter administration official “is not an adviser to our campaign” and and… More ▸

  • Reform to McCain: Good move on Hagee

    Here’s the statement on the McCain-Hagee split from Rabbi David Spaerstein of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism: “We commend Senator McCain for his unequivocal denunciation of Pastor John Hagee’s deeply troubling remarks suggesting Jewish fault in the Holocaust and Hitler being part of God’s plan to force the Jews to go to Israel…. More ▸

  • Bush taps Hadassah

    President Bush is appointing Hadassah Lieberman to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council: THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary (Crawford, Texas) For Immediate Release April 11, 2008 The President intends to appoint the following individuals to be Members of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council: Norman R. Bobins, of Illinois, for the remainder of… More ▸

  • Clinton’s big Pa. backer reached out to Farrakhan

    During Tuesday’s debate in Ohio Hillary Clinton argued that Barack Obama had not gone far enough in speaking out against Louis Farrakhan. After the debate her pollster, Mark Penn, was in the spin room arguing that Obama may have rejected and denounced Farrakhan, but he failed to criticize his pastor’s praise of the Nation of… More ▸

  • Dems: Lieberman isn’t so super

    What better way to bring the Democratic Party’s saga of the past eight years full circle than this scenario: Obama and Clinton are tied heading into the convention, a floor fight breaks out, and the nominee is decided by the one super-delegate to endorse a Republican: Joe Lieberman. Not going to happen. Endorsing McCain has… More ▸