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  • ?s Detained in Kenya Begin 24-hour Hunger Strike Protesting Repatriation Delay

    The approximately 300 Jews detained in the Gilgil government camp in Kenya have begun a 24-hour hunger strike, according to a cable ### the detainees received here today by the Assirei Zion committee. The message ###d the Jews are protesting the delay in their repatriation to Palestine. Meanwhile, Viscount Samuel end MP’s Sidney Silverman and… More ▸

  • ?odus Refugee’s Final Destination Reported to Be Kenya; London Officials Mum

    The British prison ships on which ?,500 Exodus refugees have been kept in this port for 15 days will sail for Mombassa, ?enya, British sources here reported today. (A Colonial Office spokesman in London, asked to comment on the report that the visaless immigrants would be sent to Kenya, reiterated that no decision on the… More ▸

  • Foreign Office Says Jews Will Not Be Shipped to Kenya

    Reports that the 4,500 Jews from the Exodus 1947, who are marooned on three British deportation vessels in the French harbor of Port de Bouc, will be transshipped during the week-end to Kenya, were denied here today by a spokesmen of the Foreign Office. He also ruled out the possibility that the refugees’ destination was… More ▸

  • Jewish Administration Charged with Inciting Kenya Population Against Jewish Deportees

    The British administration of the East African ? of Kenya has been charged with deliberately inciting the population of the ? against Palestinian deportees who are interned in the Cilgil camp. The charge made in a statement distributed to foreign correspondents in Palestine by the Committee of Families of Detainees Deported to Gilgil. The statement… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Decries Killing of Two British Policemen; Protests Kenya Deportations

    All law abiding citizens of Palestine are “disgusted by the criminal murder” last night of two British policemen, a Jewish Agency spokesman declared at a press conference today. He revealed that the Agency was protesting the deportation of 50 Jewish prisoners to Kenya as a violation of the elementary rights of Palestine citizens, whether they… More ▸

  • Twenty-five Terrorist Suspects Arrested in Martial Lan Areas Deforted to Kenya

    Twenty-five alleged terrorists rounded up in the four days since martial law was imposed were deported to Kenya, British East Africa, by air this morning. They are reported to include members of the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Group. (The internment camp for Palestinian Jews at Asmara, Eritrea, has been moved to Kenya, the… More ▸