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  • Ben-gurion Predicts Half of Soviet Jews Would Move to Israel if Allowed to Emigrate

    Former Premier David Ben-Gurion predicts that half of Russia’s Jews would move to Israel if they were permitted to emigrate. Speaking at 85th birthday celebrations at his Sde Boker desert home, Ben-Gurion noted that “Israel must make preparations for such an eventuality.” He repeated his vision of Israel becoming not a Sparta-like military nation but… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Hailed on 85th Birthday

    The top leaders of Israel landed by helicopter today at this tiny Negev village to honor its most famous inhabitant, David Ben-Gurion, and officially begin ten weeks of celebration marking the 85th birthday of Israel’s founder and first Premier. The official party, headed by President Zalman Shazar and Premier Golda Meir. included the Cabinet and… More ▸

  • 10-week Celebration of Ben-gurion’s Birthday

    Former Premier David Ben-Gurion will be 85 on Oct. 16, but the celebration of the event will be spread over 10 weeks “so as not to tire the Old Man too much,” in the words of one of his close aides. On Oct. 6, governmental and Jewish Agency officials will make a pilgrimage to Ben-Gurion’s… More ▸

  • Ben Gurion Dedicates Clinic at Sde Boker Named for His Late Wife

    Former Premier David Ben Gurion cut a ribbon at Sde Boker officially dedicating the $157,000 Paula Ben Gurion Clinic at the Sde Boker school, named in memory of his late wife. The clinic will serve the 750 students at the school. It includes a laboratory, pharmacy and infirmary. More ▸

  • Ben Gurion Tells British That Hebrew Must Replace Yiddish As Jewish Language

    Former Premier David Ben Gurion of Israel said here today that Hebrew must replace Yiddish at the universal Jewish language in the Diaspora. Addressing a reception in his honor attended by Zionist, Joint Palestine Appeal and community leaders, Mr. Ben Gurion said that with the decline of Yiddish, “Hebrew must fill the gap because only… More ▸

  • Ben Gurion Favors Yielding Territories–except Jerusalem–for a True Peace

    Former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion of Israel says he would be disposed to give up at once all Arab territory occupied by Israel in the June, 1967 Six-Day War in exchange for a true peace with the Arabs–all except Jerusalem. Mr. Ben Gurion’s remarks were heard on a television interview taped at his home… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Calls for Settlement of Two Million Jews, Development of Negev

    Former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion has called for the settlement of two million Jews in the Negev and the industrial development of that region so that it can serve as a center for exports to African markets. Mr. Ben-Gurion, who makes his home in the Negev village of Sde Boker, spoke before the Negev Development… More ▸