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  • Nazis Drive Jews and Poles Hundreds of Miles on Foot to Devastated Russian Areas

    Jews and Poles who are now being sent by the Nazis from unoccupied Poland to the devastated sections of occupied Russia for slave labor are no longer transported in trains but must make the several-hundred-mile journey on foot under the supervision of Nazi guards, it was revealed in a report reaching here today from Cracow…. More ▸

  • 3,000 Ghetto Jews Ordered to Clear Debris from Bombed Warsaw Buildings

    More than 3,000 Jews have been ordered from the Warsaw ghetto to clear the debris resulting from the destruction of dozens of buildings during the recent bombing of Warsaw by Russian planes, it was announced today over the Nazi radio in Cracow. The Nazi broadcast also announced the execution in Prague of Alexander Bessmertny, brother-in-law… More ▸

  • Jews Expelled from Kalish and Tarnopol; 600 Deported Belgian Jews Reach Poland

    The expulsion of the entire Jewish population from the city of Kelish, in occupied Poland, to the ghetto in Ledz is indicated here today in reports from Cracow. According to these reports, the Jews have also been deported from the city of Ternopol, Galicia. A “Jewish train” carrying 600 Jews deported from Belgium, reached Cracow… More ▸

  • Nazis Concentrating All Polish Jews in Few Large Ghettos

    A new policy of abolishing the small ghettos in Poland and concentrating all the Polish Jews, and those deported to Poland from elsewhere in Europe, in several large ghettos is announced in Nazi papers reaching here from Poland today. The reason given by the Germans for this policy are: firstly, it will enable them to… More ▸

  • Epidemics Continue to Rage in Warsaw Ghetto, Nazi Press Reports

    The extent to which epidemics continue to rage in the Warsaw ghetto is reflected in the German newspapers reaching here today, which carry articles expressing sympathy with the Nazi officials who must come into contact with the Jews in the ghetto. The Nazi papers report that commodities transported from the Warsaw ghetto, as well as… More ▸

  • Polish Policemen Executed by Gestapo for Befriending Jews in Cracow Ghetto

    Two Polish policemen have been executed by the Gestapo in Cracow for befriending Jews confined in the ghetto there, according to information reaching Polish circles here today. The policemen were ordered to accompany Gestapo men who went to the ghetto to seize all available clothing which could be used by the German army. As the… More ▸

  • Renewed Wave of Nazi Terror Expected in Poland; Jews Driven out of Rzeszow

    A renewed wave of terror against Jews and Poles in Nazi-held Poland was predicted here today as the result of a report in the Nazi newspaper Krakauer Zeitung, which arrived here from Cracow, that Hans Frank, Nazi governor for Poland, has held “an important conference” with all security chiefs and heads of local police forces… More ▸

  • Nazis Massacre 700,000 Polish Jews; Thousands Executed in Mobile Gas Chambers

    More than 700,000 Polish Jews – a third of the entire Jewish population – have been massacred by the Nazis in Poland since last summer, it was charged in a detailed report received here today through underground channels by Samuel Zygelbaum, Jewish member of the Polish National Council. Thousands of these victims were killed by… More ▸

  • $100,000,000 Worth of Jewish Property Removed from Warsaw to Germany

    Provisional estimates received here today from Nazi-occupied Poland establish that Jewish moveable property valued between $100,000,000 and $120,000,000 has been confiscated by the Nazis in Warsaw and removed to Germany. This includes merchandise, machinery, foodstuff, clothing and other valuables. The Krakiwski Wisti, a Nazi newspaper in the Ukrainian language, which reached here today from Cracow,… More ▸