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  • Lublin Ghettos Closed for New Deportees; New Ghetto Opened in Sambor

    The two Jewish ghettos in Lublin, Nazi-held Poland, will no longer accept Jewish deportees, it was officially announced by local Nazi authorities, according to information reaching here today. The announcement explained that there is no more room in the ghettos for newcomers since thousands have already been jammed into all available living quarters in segregated… More ▸

  • All Jews in Pietrkow Will Be Confined in Ghetto Cut off from World, B Y March 31

    All Jews in Pietrkow in western Poland will be confined in the ghetto which the Nazi occupation authorities have established there, by March 31, which has been set as the deadlines for the “final cutting – off of the Pietrkow ghetto from the outside world,” according to the Coniec Krakowski, published by the Germans in… More ▸

  • Desperate Food Shortage in Baltic Ghettos; Jews Sell Last Valuables for Bread

    The desperate shortage of food among the Jews confined in the ghettos in the Baltic countries has driven them to trade their last valuables to non-Jews for bread, despite the severe penalties provided for illegal intercourse between residents of the ghetto and persons outside. A story appearing in the Deutsche Zeitung im Ostland, Nazi paper… More ▸

  • Nazis Recall Jewish Scientists from Ghetto to Develop Anti-typhus Vaccine

    Several Jewish scientists, specialists in the development of anti-typhus vaccines, have been taken from the Polish ghettos to work in the famous laboratories of Dr. Rudolph Stefan Weigl, at Lwow University, which have been worked under Dr. Weigl, who was the developer of an effective anti-typhus serum, before the Nazi invasion of Poland. The extent… More ▸

  • Jewish Workers Arrested in Lodz for Striking Against Insufficient Bread Rations

    Sixty-five Jewish weavers were arrested by the Nazi administration in Lodz and sent to a concentration camp as punishment for their participation in a strike against insufficient bread rations, Polish Government circles reported here today. Reports reaching the Polish Government here from occupied Poland state that there are now 150,000 Jews crowded into the Lodz… More ▸

  • No More Than Two Jews Allowed to Walk Together in Ghetto Streets in Poland

    An order providing that no more than two Jews may walk together in the ghetto streets has been issued by the Nazi authorities in occupied Poland, according to information reaching here today. Both the Jewish and the non-Jewish police in the ghettos have been instructed to rigidly enforce the order. No exceptions are to be… More ▸

  • All Jews Expelled from Zgierz; Nazis Introduce Ghetto for Jews in Rovno

    The expulsion of all Jews from the Polish industrial city of Zgierz near Lodz, and the segregation of all Jews in the city of Rovno, Wolhynia, in a ghetto is reported in news reaching here today from Nazi-occupied Poland. The Nazi paper Litzmennstadter Zeitung which reports the Jewish expulsion from Zgierz adds that the ghetto… More ▸

  • Seven Jews Executed in Kielce for Leaving Ghetto

    Seven Jews have been executed by the Nazis in the Polish city of Kielce for leaving the ghetto without permission, it is reported in the Goniec Krakowski, reaching here today. These executions bring to 34 the number of Polish Jewish men and women known to have been hanged when caught outside the ghetto walls. In… More ▸

  • Nazi Place Jews on Army Trains to Prevent Blowing Up of Military Transports

    Anxious to reduce the ever-increasing sabotage against the German army in occupied Poland, Nazi authorities there are now placing groups of Jews and Poles on trains carrying troops and war material, in the hope that this will prevent Jewish and Polish guerrillas from blowing up the trains, it was reliably reported here today. Reports reaching… More ▸