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  • Germans to Get Jews’ Stores in Cracow

    The Nazi governor of the Cracow district of Poland has ordered Jewish merchants moving into the ghetto to leave three-quarters of their stocks on their old premises, which will be turned over to Germans, it was reported here today. More ▸

  • Correspondent Describes Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw Dispatch

    The first comprehensive on-the-spot description of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw is given by Demaree Bess in a wirelessed article from the former Polish capital published in the current Saturday Evening Post. The idea for the ghetto, the dispatch said, originated with Reichsamtsleiter Schoen, who told Bess that its aim was to segregate the Jewish… More ▸

  • Nazis Curb Communications with Cracow Ghetto

    Restrictions on communication with the ghetto, similar to those in effect in Warsaw, have been introduced in Cracow, Polish official circles here reported today. Entrance to the Cracow ghetto is restricted to holders of special passes, which are granted only in exceptional cases. Persons who communicate illegally with ghetto residents are subject to a fine… More ▸

  • Cracow Jews Ordered to Give Up Homes

    Jews ordered to move into the Cracow ghetto must turnover their former homes in good order to the official caretaker, according to a decree of Governor Waechter published in the Krakauer Zeitung. Violation will be punished by immediate expulsion from the Cracow area. Permission for a number of Jews to remain in the ghetto instead… More ▸

  • 3 Jews Take Lives in Cracow; 17 Jailed in Lodz for Bringing Food into Ghetto

    Three old Jews, including a former clerk of the Cracow Jewish community, have committed suicide by coal gas in Cracow, the Nazi newspaper Goniec Krakowski reports. According to the Litzmannstaedter Zeitung, 17 Jews and Poles in Lodz were sentenced by a special court to terms at hard labor ranging between two and seven years for… More ▸

  • More Refugees Arrive in Polish Provincial Centers, Burdening Local Jews

    A thousand Jewish refugees from various localities of Nazi-occupied Poland have arrived in Kielce and the Local Jewish community is arranging for their accommodation, reports Gazeta Zydowska, Jewish organ in Poland. All the Jews have been expelled from Leczyca. Six hundred of them arrived in Grabow, 600 in Poddebica and the rest settled in neighboring… More ▸

  • Expelled Radom and Cracow Jews Resettled in Provinces

    Two thousand Jews expelled by the Nazi authorities from the Polish city of Radom have settled in the town of Chmielnik and neighboring villages, where the already-impoverished local Jews have been forced to provide aid for them, it was reported here today. About 500 of them remained in Chmielnik, while the remaining 1,500 were distributed… More ▸

  • Nazis Launch Expulsion of Jews from Towns in Cracow Area

    Following the mass expulsion of Jews from Cracow, the Nazi authorities have started the deportation of Jews from the smaller towns in the Cracow district, it is reported here today. Jews, and in some cases also Poles, from thirty townships in Cracow district are being driven from their homes by storm troopers into Lublin, Warsaw… More ▸