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  • Jewish Community Seeks to Bar Kuwaiti Development of Island off South Carolina

    The Jewish community here has asked the Charleston County Council to deny a Kuwaiti company and its American subsidiaries permission to develop Kiawah Island off the South Carolina coast as long as Kuwait continues its blacklist and boycott of American firms. The Council will hold a public hearing on re-zoning the island on March 24…. More ▸

  • Kuwait Wants Holland Punished

    According to information received here, some Arabs are demanding punishment of Holland for defending the right of a Dutch Jewish journalist to enter Saudi Arabia on his professional duties. A newspaper in Kuwait, Al Kabas, was reported as declaring that because the Dutch Foreign Minister, Max van der Stoel, has decided not to visit Saudi… More ▸

  • Blacklisted Banks Invited into Kuwaiti Deal

    Two of the banks reportedly blacklisted by the Arabs, S.G. Warburg and N.M.Rothschild and Sons, have been invited to join the underwriting of a $25 million bond issue co-managed by the Kuwait International Investment Co. (KIIC). A spokesman for the Warburg Bank commented that this development reinforced their feeling that resistance to discriminatory pressures would… More ▸

  • U.S. to Sell Skyhawks to Kuwait

    The State Department would not comment today on reports that Kuwait is transferring French-built Mirage fighter-bombers directly to Egypt but confirmed other reports that about 100 Kuwaitis are presently undergoing training in the United States, apparently in preparation for flight training on American A-4M Skyhawk fighter-bombers which the U.S. is expected to sell to Kuwait…. More ▸

  • Kuwaiti Says U.S. is Pushing Israel ‘In the Right Direction’

    An Arab diplomat called for dismemberment of the "Judenstaat" in a speech here today in which he sharply criticized past U.S. policy, in the Middle East but said the U.S. was now pushing Israel "In the right direction." The speaker, Dr. Fayez Sayegh, the Kuwaiti counsellor to the United Nations, addressed 200 Canadians, Americans and… More ▸

  • Mirage Jets Sold to Kuwait

    The French Defense Ministry has announced that France will deliver an undisclosed number of sophisticated Mirage F-1 fighter jets to Kuwait. According to well-informed sources the arms deal involves 32 aircraft with spare parts at an estimated $300 million. The sale, in exchange for oil, also involves the construction of a radar network and early… More ▸

  • Kuwait Oil Boycott Hits Holland; Jordan Boycotts European Airlines

    Following Algeria, Kuwait today announced an oil boycott of Holland because of Holland’s “hostile attitude toward Arab rights.” The Kuwait oil stoppage will hit this country much harder than Algeria’s because Holland depends on Kuwait for 30 percent of its oil, Algeria supplies only one-and-a-half percent. In a related development, Jordan announced today the boycott… More ▸

  • Kuwait Reportedly Balks at Conditions for Purchase of U.S. Arms

    The U.S. and the Kuwait governments are discussing the sale of American arms to that Persian Gulf state, the State Department has disclosed. But it refused to comment on a Kuwait Defense Ministry statement that it would not accept a contract which included conditions on the use of arms it bought. State Department spokesman Paul… More ▸