• Kuwait Expels 8 Palestinians

    Kuwait, the oil rich state on the Persian Gulf, has expelled eight Palestinians described as prominent members of Dr. George Habash’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Beirut newspaper A1 Osboua reported today. The paper quoted an Iraqi news agency report that the eight were ordered out of Kuwait following an attack on… More ▸

  • Kuwait Press Attacks Terrorists

    Newspapers in Kuwait, the oil-rich Persian Gulf state, broke a long silence today on the situation in Jordan to defend the Hussein regime and criticize the terrorist movement and the revolutionary Arab states such as Iraq, Syria and Egypt, which allegedly support it. The newspapers urged Saudi Arabia and Egypt to resume the efforts which… More ▸

  • Agnew to Visit Saudi Arabia, Kuwait but By-passing Israel on Tour

    Vice President Spiro Agnew will not visit Israel on his way back from Korea, though he plans to stop for two days in Saudi Arabia and two in Kuwait. The State Department characterized his visit to those Arab countries as an “official” one but declined to comment on reasons why Israel was being skipped. The… More ▸

  • New York Review Warns Kuwait Against Use of Its Material in Anti-israel Kits

    The New York Review of Books has warned the Embassy of Kuwait in Washington that it will take legal action to protect its copyright if the Embassy does not desist from including material from the Review in kits of anti-Israel propaganda it circulates to U. S. Senators and other prominent persons. One such kit contained… More ▸

  • Kuwait Embassy Sends Packets of Anti-israel Propaganda to Officials in Washington

    Packets containing anti-Israel propaganda have been sent to members of Congress, the State Department and some Senators, among them four members of the Foreign Relations Committee, by the Embassy of Kuwait here. The materials, printed in Beirut, Lebanon, were handsomely packaged in a black plastic wrapper containing a Beirut post office box number. Recipients of… More ▸

  • Daily Telegraph’ Reports Guerrillas Getting Aid from Kuwait, Arabia

    Israel’s air assault Sunday disclosed that the guerrillas are receiving financial support from oil-rich Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and that King Hussein is Jealously guarding the few fighter aircraft that Jordan still possesses, dispatches in the Daily Telegraph said today. No Jordanian planes took to the air against Israeli Jets. According to the newspaper. Prince… More ▸

  • King Hussein, in Kuwait, Seeks to Rally Support for New Arab Summit Meeting

    King Hussein of Jordan arrived in Kuwait today to rally support for an Arab summit that would form a militant front against Israel. Jordan’s main new point is the accusation that Israel is establishing permanent settlement on the territories it occupied last June. The Cairo newspaper, “Al Ahram,” said special envoy Gunnar Jarring of the… More ▸

  • State Dept. Protests to Kuwait on Anti-israel Letters to U.S. Firms

    The Department of State said yesterday it had protested orally to Kuwait against the blacklisting of American firms trading with Israel, but did not consider such Arab pressure an “unfriendly act” since “this action was not directed against the United States as such.” William B. Macomber, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State, wrote Senator Jacob K…. More ▸

  • Kuwait Warns Jews in U.S. to Cease Doing Business with Israel

    Officials of an American firm specializing in the sale of Israeli imports disclosed today receipt of a letter from the Government of Kuwait warning the firm to cease doing business with Israel or face and Arab boycott. Isadore Serot, president of the Israeli Art-Craft Importing Company, said the firm had never had any dealings with… More ▸