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  • Jewish Labor Body Forms Women’s Group to Aid Refugee Children

    In order to prepare the way and provide homes for the expected arrival of refugee children in large groups, a Women’s Division of the Jewish Labor Committee has been formed it was announced today, headed by Mrs. Simeon Strunsky and Miss Rose Schneiderman. The division will cooperate with the United States Committee for the Care… More ▸

  • Refugees’ Adjustment Described at Pioneer Women’s Parley

    The adjustment of women refugees from Central andEasternEurope to a life of pioneering in Palestine was described tonight to the seventh national convention of the Pioneer Women’s Organization at Hotel Pennsylvania by Dr. May Baer, of Palestine. Miss Mary Anderson, director of the Women’s Bureau of the United States Department of Labor, told the 300… More ▸

  • Vocational Training Seen Necessary for Execution of Roosevelt Plan

    Vocational retraining, such as the ORT is carrying on, is necessary for the execution of President Roosevelt’s plans for emigration of refugees, Max D. Steuer, attorney and chairman of the Greater New York ORT campaign, declared today to about 600 women attending the annual donor luncheon of the Women’s American ORT at the Hotel Astor…. More ▸

  • Petition to League Wins Backing of Notables

    Several political, liberal and labor leaders were on record today in support of the petition of Jewish and Christian organizations to the League of Nations to intercede in behalf of persecuted groups in Germany. Sol M. Stroock, chairman of the American Jewish Committee, said in a radio address last night the document had been endorsed… More ▸

  • Capital Comment

    Actions of the Hitler government which are crippling efforts for improved world trade conditions, are arousing the anger of those in Washington who are engaged in these efforts. On a number of occasions high government officials including Secretary of State Hull and Secretary of Agriculture Wallace, have expressed extreme displeasure at the attitude of the… More ▸

  • Rose Schneiderman Called Joan of Arc of Working Girls

    Rose Schneiderman, a diminutive figure with flaming red hair, is the Joan of Are of the American working girl. Years ago she had a vision of a powerful union of women in trade. Today that dream is realized in the National Women’s Trade Union League, of which she is president. It took many a battle… More ▸

  • Bulletin Calendar of Events

    National Council of Jewish Women, radio broadcast, Mrs. Arthur Brin, “The World Conscience and Anti-Semitism,” Statein WEAF, 3:30 p. m. Brooklyn Jewish Center Forum, Dr. Mordecai M. Kaplan, “Socialism, Marxism and the Jewish Religion,” 667-691 Eastern parkway, 8:30 p. m. Dressmakers’ Union Local 22, lecture, Louis Stanley, “Unionism in the Coal Industry,” 232 West Fortieth… More ▸

  • Kilocycles

    THE LEADERSHIP of the International Ladies Germent Workers Union is to be congratulated for its resourcefulness and pioneering spirit. The organization has grown in numbers until its membership totals 180,000. No arena could be a meeting place for so vast a number of people. What better way to reach them, than to bring a message… More ▸

  • Activities of American Jewish Woman in Social, Communal, Religious Aspects

    Commissioned by Gerneral Johson to draw up the codes for Puerto Rico Rose Schneiderman left for a six week’s stay on the island. On the labor advisory Boaad of the N.R.A. Miss Schneiderman is expected to adopt a sound labor policy for the 50,5000 workers employed in the garment industry, chief industry in Puerto Rico… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders Join Growing Drive to Fight Unemployment

    While Jewish leaders were joining with Protestant and Catholic spokesmen in planning a meeting in Washington for January 26th and 27th to organize a common drive to assist in the campaign against unemployment, 20 prominent New York Jews were named to a committee of 100, headed by former Governor Smith, to coordinate and aid the… More ▸