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Latin America

  • El Salvador Candidate Who Vowed to Move Embassy to Tel Aviv Loses

    Worries that El Salvador would immediately move its embassy in Israel to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem appear to be unfounded following the defeat of a former leftist rebel in Sunday’s presidential election. But the embassy may still be moved in the next couple of years. The elections, which pitted two candidates united by a common… More ▸

  • Left and Right Vie in El Salvador, and Both Candidates Are Palestinian

    El Salvador’s tightest presidential campaign since the conclusion of its civil war ends Sunday, with the two leading candidates boasting Palestinian roots and diametrically opposed ideologies. Both Antonio Saca, the candidate from the ruling, right-wing ARENA Party, and Schafik Handal, the opposition candidate who was a guerrilla with the left-wing FMLN group, are descended from… More ▸

  • About to Be Extradited for Wwii Acts, Bohdan Koziy Dies in Costa Rica at 81

    Accused Nazi collaborator Bohdan Koziy died Sunday night of a stroke in Costa Rica, just nine days after Poland requested his extradition. He was 81. News of Koziy’s death was received with somber disappointment by top Nazi hunters and Costa Rican Jewish leaders, who had been cheered by the prospect of seeing Koziy finally face… More ▸

  • Extradition Papers Presented for Accused Nazi Helper in Costa Rica

    After years of effort, extradition papers have been presented for an accused Nazi collaborator living in Costa Rica. Poland’s ambassador to Costa Rica, Richard Sthneps, formally presented Costa Rican Foreign Minister Enrique Tovar with extradition papers late last Friday for Bohdan Koziy, a Ukrainian who has lived in Costa Rica since 1987. Koziy was indicted… More ▸

  • For Accused Collaborator, Stay in Costa Rica May Be Ending Soon

    Costa Rican authorities are awaiting the arrival of an extradition request for an accused Nazi collaborator who was indicted on war crimes charges this week. Bohdan Koziy, a Ukrainian national who has lived in Costa Rica since 1987, was indicted this week by a court in Katowice, Poland, at the request of prosecutor Ewa Koj,… More ▸