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Latin America

  • On Rise in Peru, Anti-semitic Attacks Threaten Stability of Jewish Community

    The Peruvian Jewish community is suffering from a rise in anti-Semitic attacks, according to Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein, chief rabbi of the largest and most influential of the capital city’s three main synagogues, Lima’s Asociacion Judia 1870. He also believes that divisions within the community are developing as a result of political and social events unfolding… More ▸

  • Survivors Project Leads Jewish Woman to Open Museum on Brazil’s Neglected

    Karen Worcman first discovered the power of oral history when she and her mother produced a book about Holocaust survivors in her native Rio de Janeiro. More than a decade later, Worcman is transforming the way history is recorded in Brazil by providing a vehicle for “invisible” individuals — from street scavengers to nursing home… More ▸

  • Groups Host Weekend in Argentina for Needy, Unaffiliated Jewish Families

    Mothers and fathers are seated in a circle, enjoying a sing-along, their enthusiastic harmonies carrying across the grassy fields of the vast park dotted with barbecue grills, tiny cabins and soccer fields. Nearby, their children are happily building towers out of plastic blocks. A few minutes later, the 19 families gather at long tables for… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World Community Medicine Bank Serves Thousands of Needy Argentine Jews

    A makeshift Jewish communal medicine bank, staffed by volunteers, has evolved into a professional operation serving thousands of needy Argentine Jews. Founded in 1999 in response to the demands of Argentina’s impoverished Jews, Community Pharmacy Refuot supplies medicine to people with chronic diseases and other illnesses who can’t afford the drugs they need. A combination… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World Donations from Argentine Jews to Local Jewish Charities on the Rise

    After years of depending on the kindness of others, donations from Argentine Jews to their own Jewish charities are increasing. Despite the fact that Argentina’s Jewish community lacks a comprehensive fund-raising strategy and tax deductions for charitable giving never surpass 5 percent, more and more Jews are contributing to local projects and institutions. The Buenos… More ▸