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  • Lopez Riga’s Remarks Cause Concern

    The DAIA, Argentine Jewry’s central agency, has declared in a statement it is seeking to determine the significance of a comment by Argentine Interior Minister Jose Lopez Riga on Feb. 19 that signatures of Jewish officials on Argentine documents to Libya were not helpful to Argentine interests in Libya. Lopez Riga headed a trade delegation… More ▸

  • Memorial Services Held Near Riga

    Two memorial services were held this weekend in Rumbule near Riga, it was reported by the National Conference on Soviet Jewry. One service was conducted by Latvian officials while the other one, some time later, was conducted by an undisclosed number of Jews. The NCSJ said that officials at the scene of the Jewish yizkor… More ▸

  • Anti-israel Soviet Film Used by Riga Jews to Their Own Advantage

    The Jews of Riga are turning Soviet propaganda to their own advantage. The government-run television there has been running and rerunning an anti-Israeli film called “Poison Days,” and at every airing the telephones in Jewish homes start ringing. The Jews, according to sources here, are calling to advise each other to be sure to watch–not… More ▸

  • Soviet Latvian Jew Part of Delegation Going Abroad

    Soviet Latvian authorities are planning to include a Jew in a scientific delegation going abroad, Jewish sources in Russia reported today. They identified him as Mikhail Maximovich Deutsch and claimed his mission would be to act as a counter-propagandist against Jewish groups protesting the treatment of Jews in the USSR. According to the sources Deutsch… More ▸

  • 96 Riga Jews Ask Podgorny. Rudenko to End Judicial Persecution of Jews

    Ninety-six Riga Jews have written to Soviet Communist Party Secretary Leonid I. Brezhnev, Soviet President Nikolai V. Podgorny and Russian Prosecutor General Roman A. Rudenko, demanding an end to what they called judicial persecution of Jews “who are trying to achieve the realization of their right to emigrate to the State of Israel.” In reporting… More ▸

  • Three Riga Jews Arrested; Riga Jewish Family Appeal for Emigration Refused

    The American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry has learned of the arrest of three Riga Jews, at least two of whom had been on a hunger strike at the Office of Registration and Visas (OVIR) in the Latvian capital. According to Richard Maass, chairman of the Conference, early reports indicated that “Yerahmiel Trubeskin (Triskin) and… More ▸

  • Show Trial Scheduled for Azernikov; Two Riga Jews Stage Hunger Strike

    Boris Azernikov, the 28-year-old Jewish dentist of Leningrad who was arrested Aug. 10 after applying for immigration to Israel, will be subjected to a Russian show trial, according to Jewish sources in Russia. Azernikov, who was detained on attempting to give the authorities the required ovir (affidavit) from abroad, is believed to be the first… More ▸

  • Bones of Jews Killed in Babi Yar, Riga Reburied in Israel

    A moving ceremony accompanied the reburial this afternoon of bones brought to Israel from Babi Yar last week by three American students and bones from a common grave of Jews in Rumboli near Riga brought here a few days ago by an elderly Jew. Several hundred people, mainly newcomers from Russia and among them people… More ▸

  • Leningrad, Riga Prisoners Reported Sent to Moldavian Labor Camp

    Five Jews convicted in the first Leningrad trial last December and two convicted in Riga In May were interned early this month in a forced labor camp at Potma, a town in central Moldavia, informed Jewish sources reported here today. The prisoners reportedly include Ruth Aleksandrovich, a 24-year-old nurse who stood trial in Riga. All… More ▸

  • U.S. Law Professor Says He Was Denied Right to Attend Trial of Riga Four

    An American law professor with credentials as a civil rights activist, was denied permission by Soviet authorities to attend the trial of four Jews in Riga last week or to visit any of the defendants. Prof. Henry McGee Jr., who teaches criminal law at the University of California, Los Angeles, gave the Jewish Telegraphic Agency… More ▸