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  • Abu Nidal Believed to Be Dead or Detained As Prisoner in Libya

    The notorious Palestinian terrorist known as Abu Nidal is either dead or a prisoner in Libya, and his once-dreaded organization, the Fatah Revolutionary Council, has been dismantled and its top leaders killed, the usually reliable Le Figaro reported Tuesday. According to the French daily, Abu Nidal, whose real name is Sabri al-Banna, met his fate… More ▸

  • German Firm on Trial for Helping Libya Gain Ability to Strike Israel

    State prosecutors in Munich are seeking a stiff penalty against a Bavarian firm alleged to have helped Libya develop midair refueling capability for its fighter bombers, enabling them to strike long-range targets, including Israel. Officials of the Bavarian Economics Ministry testified before the state parliament here Friday that the company, Intec, participated in a multi-million… More ▸

  • West German Gets Five-year Sentence for Helping Libya with Chemical Plant

    A West German industrialist was convicted Wednesday and sentenced to five years in prison for helping Libya build a plant that Western officials suspect of producing poison gas and other chemical weapons. Jurgen Hippenstiel-Imhausen, founder and former manager of Immhausen-Chemie, was found guilty of tax fraud and of violating West Germany’s export laws by sending… More ▸

  • West German Admits He Helped Libya with Plant, but Not for Poison Gas

    A West German industrialist admitted in court Wednesday that he had illegally sold Libya equipment, substances and know-how to build a chemical plant in the remote desert town of Rabta. But Jurgen Hippenstiel-Imhausen, founder and former manager of Immhausen-Chemie, stopped short of admitting that the heavily guarded plant was built to produce poison gas and… More ▸

  • German Technology Helping Libya Build Ballistic Missile, Tv Claims

    German technology and technicians are helping Libya build a ballistic missile that could hit Israel, according to “Report,” a program broadcast Tuesday evening on West German state television. The missile is derived from an Argentine model called Condor II, developed and built by a major West German weapons company. According to “Report,” an unspecified number… More ▸

  • German Firms Reportedly Linked to Second Libyan Poison Gas Plant

    Diplomatic sources here have confirmed that the United States has provided the West German government with information about a second chemical weapons factory under construction in Libya. But the government has not yet verified reports that some West German companies are involved, the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel reported Monday. Spokespersons for the opposition Social… More ▸

  • German Industrialist Charged on Poison Gas Export to Libya

    A West German industrialist in custody for almost a year has been formally charged with violating export laws to build a poison gas factory in Libya. Jurgen Hippenstiel-Imhausen, founder and owner of a chemical company that bears his name, acted to the detriment of the Federal Republic, according to Peter Wechsung, the state prosecutor in… More ▸

  • Israel, U.S. Deny Role in Rabta Fire; Unknown Libyan Group Takes Credit

    Israel, the United States and West Germany denied their countries’ responsibility for the fire that has reportedly totally destroyed the chemical plant at Rabta, Libya. The three nations rejected charges made by Libya following Wednesday’s fire at the plant, which allegedly was manufacturing chemical weapons. However, an unknown group in Cairo, the Organization for the… More ▸

  • German Companies Still Produce Poison Gas at Libyan Plants

    West German companies are still helping Libya produce poison gas despite the public scandal two years ago that supposedly put an end to it, the news weekly Der Spiegel reported. The magazine said the ongoing collaboration has been confirmed by the BND, West Germany’s intelligence agency based in Munich. But it is at sites other… More ▸