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  • Swissair May Train Libyan Pilots

    Swissair, the Swiss national airline, says it got the green light from the United States and Britain to train six Libyan pilots to fly the Airbus A-310, an aircraft whose sale to Libya is banned by an international embargo. The Swiss authorities are furious, the newspaper La Suisse reported, because the airline did not apply… More ▸

  • Libya Reported Making Poison Gas at Suspect Chemical Plant in Rabta

    Libya has begun to produce poison gas at its chemical plant at Rabta, which was designed and equipped by a West German chemical firm, government officials here confirmed. The quantities so far have been negligible and experimental, according to a West German customs officer, Klaus-Peter Rieke. But Libyan agents have approached many West German companies… More ▸

  • Arabs Who Fled Israel for Libya Prevented from Returning Home

    Three Israeli Arab youths who immigrated to Libya several months ago want to come home but are having trouble because their passports were confiscated by the Libyan authorities. The three young men are presently stranded in Cyprus. Mayor Moshe Peretz of Ramla promised their families he would try to cut through red tape to help… More ▸

  • West German Court Won’t Free Man Said to Have Aided Libya

    A court in the southwestern German city of Karlsruhe has rejected an appeal to release Jurgen Hippenstiel-Imhausen, owner and former manager of a chemical plant in southern Germany accused of illegally assisting Libya to manufacture chemical weapons. Meanwhile, the state prosecutor in Munich indirectly confirmed a British newspaper report last week that more than 100… More ▸

  • Imhausen-chemie Executive Arrested over Libyan Gas Plant Involvement

    The State Department on Thursday welcomed West Germany’s arrest Wednesday of a chemical executive accused of helping Libya build a poison gas plant. The executive, Juergen Hippenstiel-Imhausen of Imhausen-Chemie, was arrested “on suspicion of violating West German export laws,” The New York Times reported Thursday. The Times quoted West Germany’s prosecutor in the case, Holger… More ▸

  • U.S. Won’t Confirm Reports of New Abu Nidal Base in Libya

    State Department sources would not confirm a newspaper report Tuesday that U.S. intelligence sources have identified a new Abu Nidal terrorist training base near the Libyan chemical plant at Rabta. “It’s news to me,” one source said when asked about the base, whose discovery was disclosed by The Washington Times. The paper said U.S. intelligence… More ▸

  • Soviet Sale of Planes to Libya Causes Surprise, Concern in Israel

    The Soviet sale of advanced fighter planes to Libya will not contribute to regional peacemaking, Foreign Minister Moshe Arens said Thursday. Arens said the sale had taken Israel by surprise. The remark seemed to be designed to counter speculation in the West that Israel itself had leaked the story to The New York Times as… More ▸

  • Soviets Reportedly Sold Libya Bombers That Can Strike Israel

    The State Department is refusing to confirm or deny a newspaper report that the Soviet Union has sold high-performance bombers and airborne refueling planes to Libya, enabling its air force for the first time to strike targets in Israel. But Deputy State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said Wednesday that any such sale to Libya “would… More ▸

  • U.s., Bonn Exploring Refueling Capacity of Libyan Jet Fighters

    Intelligence services in the United States and West Germany are continuing to investigate whether West German firms have been helping Libya acquire the technology for midair refueling of its bombers, which would allow it to attack Israel and other countries with chemical weapons. Neither Bonn nor Washington has been able to confirm that Libya now… More ▸

  • West Germans Pledge to End Role in Libyan Chemical Arms Plant

    World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman received assurances Wednesday from West Germany’s top leaders that the government is doing its utmost to prevent further West German involvement in the Libyan manufacture of chemical weapons. Bronfman met in Bonn for an hour each with Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, according to reports from… More ▸