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  • Arts & Culture Detective Writer Explores Holocaust As Way to Deal with Her Family’s Past

    Fans of Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski detective novels are used to following Vic, the hard-edged but soft-hearted Chicago private investigator, unravel interlocking stories of white collar crime and corruption. While there’s plenty of crime and corruption in “Total Recall,” the V.I. Warshawski novel recently released in paperback, there’s also something new: the story of Lotty… More ▸

  • In Modern Orthodox Circles, Idea of Female Torah Readers Catching on

    For most of her 88 years, Eva Oles has struggled to square her Orthodoxy and her feminism. "I want to prove and show that halachah," or Jewish law, "is humane," and stretch it to empower women, Oles said through tears that reflected a life of spiritual turmoil. Oles finally can consider herself validated as a… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World Conservative Inroads in Polish City Spark Concerns of Orthodox Leaders

    The recent Bat Mitzvah ceremony for two girls here marked a watershed for the second largest Jewish community in Poland. But the Conservative ceremony came amid controversy surrounding the non-Orthodox conversion of a group of Wroclaw Jews just before Yom Kippur. The controversy was part of an increasingly open conflict between community members embracing non-Orthodox… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Two girls celebrated their Bat Mitzvah in the historic White Stork Synagogue in Wroclaw, Poland. Sunday’s joint ceremony was believed to be the first Conservative Bat Mitzvah celebrated in Poland. More ▸

  • Highlights of Jewish News 5762 Compiled by Max Heuer September 2001

    WASHINGTON — The United States invites Israel to participate in the international anti-terror coalition assembled by the White House following the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. NEW YORK — in a statement faxed to Pakistani news organizations, Al-Qaida threatens Jews and Americans: “Wherever there are Americans and Jews, they… More ▸

  • Both Sides See Political Dimension to Trial of Palestinian Militia Leader

    When one of the Palestinians’ most popular figures goes on trial in Israel next month, the proceedings are likely to be filled with fiery charges and countercharges. Israeli officials are hoping that the trial of Palestinian militia leader Marwan Barghouti will prove that members of the Palestinian leadership have been directly involved in terrorism against… More ▸

  • Timeline of Terror Attacks Since the Beginning of the Year

    This week’s suicide bombings in Jerusalem are the latest of a long, deadly series of terror attacks launched by Palestinians against Israeli targets. Following is a timeline of some of the major attacks this year: Jan. 15, 2002 — Palestinian gunmen kidnap and then kill an elderly Israeli-American who drives into the Bethlehem area. Also… More ▸