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  • ADL rushed to judgment on Limbaugh

    To the Editor: We Jews do not do ourselves a favor when, without having firsthand knowledge of an event, we condemn people of despicable actions. I heard Rush Limbaugh "condemning Jews" on his broadcast — a complete misinterpretation that was used by Abraham Foxman to charge Limbaugh with border anti-Semitism. Nothing could be further from… More ▸

  • ADL inconsistent in chiding Limbaugh

    To the Editor: How ironic. Rush Limbaugh says the same thing that the ADL says: Many people who are prejudiced against Jews are guilty of anti-Semitic stereotyping, i.e., Jews control the banks, the economy, etc., and the ADL is offended by Limbaugh’s remarks! The ADL is embarrassing. David Schimel Great Neck, N.Y. More ▸

  • Limbaugh slammed for comparing Democrats to Nazis

    Rush Limbaugh’s remarks comparing Democrats to Nazis drew swift condemnation from many corners of the Jewish community — and also sparked a fight between Jewish Democrats and Republicans over which side isn’t doing enough to stop the use of such analogies. More ▸