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  • 13 Jewish Gibes on ‘Family Guy’

    Were you upset by the letter “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane sent to Emmy voters, calling them “bloated, overprivileged Brentwood Jews” and urging them to consider nominating his show for the Outstanding Comedy Series category?
    Then you probably don’t watch that much “Family Guy,” because jokes on the expense of the chosen people happen there all the time. The Jews shouldn’t feel targeted though, “Family Guy” doesn’t discriminate and laughs at people of all nationalities, races, colors and genders. It’s one of those things that an animated show can do without getting too much heat.
    So to put things in perspective, we chose 13 of our favorite “Family Guy” jokes on Jews. If you find them offensive, we sure hope you’re not an Emmy voter.
    1. Jewish Eye Surgery More ▸

  • G.I. Jews: Five American Jewish Soldiers From the Big Screen

    Memorial Day is this Monday, so we thought the right thing to do would be to pay tribute to five American Jewish soldiers from the big screen:
    1. Noah Ackerman (“The Young Lions”)

    Played by Montgomery Clift in the 1958 film, Noah Ackerman was a young Jew from the Bronx forced to deal with anti-Semitism coming from the enemy — but also in his own ranks. In a very emotional ending scene, Ackerman was forced to confront the horrors of the Holocaust as his company liberates a Nazi death camp. Added bonus: The movie also features Marlon Brando and Dean Martin.
    Find out who the rest are after the jump. More ▸

  • 10 Andy Samberg ‘Digital Shorts’ We Love

    Since Andy Samberg is probably leaving “Saturady Night Live” for good, we decided to show you how much we love him, by picking our 10 favorite ‘Digital Shorts.’
    Warning: some are NSFW
    1. Lazy Sunday

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  • The 8 Jewish women who made the 2012 Maxim Hot 100 (Bar Refaeli is number 1!)

    History is made, ladies and gentlemen!
    Two of the top three hottest women on earth is Jewish! And like really Jewish, not “my mom is Jewish but I don’t practice” and all that, this is the real deal!
    The 2012 Maxim Hot 100 list came out yesterday, and it features some wonderful sights, including eight Jewish women (one is a cartoon, but who are we to discriminate). Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli tops the list, and superwoman Mila Kunis came in at third.
    Here are all eight of them, their ranking and who they are. Enjoy!
    1. Bar Refaeli

    Israeli Supermodel, entrepreneur and faux Mossad agent.
    3. Mila Kunis

    Ukrainian-American Actress, troops supporter, and life saver.
    Check out the rest after the jump. More ▸

  • 10 TV Jewish Mothers We Love (or Hate)


    A Mother’s Day special! Because if you’ll put all of them in a blender and add some guilt, you’ll get your mom! And you love your mom, don’t you? Well it wouldn’t hurt you to say it more often.
    1. Sylvia Fine (“The Nanny”)

    In a show that turned an eccentric Flushing-Jewish stereotype into an art form, Sylvia Fine, portrayed by Renée Taylor, was the queen. Constantly visiting the princess, Fran, and the Queen-mother, Yetta, Sylvia Fine (née Rosenberg) was a New York Jewish mother in a nutshell – overbearing, loud, hungry and mostly dominant.  Oh, and loud too.

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  • Five Hispanic Jews we love (a Cinco de Mayo special)

    Yeah we know, Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican thing.
    The Fifth of May is not the Mexican independence day as many people erroneously think, rather the anniversary of a battle between the Mexicans and the French in 1862. In fact, Americans tend to celebrate it on a much larger scales than Mexican do.
    Anyway, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to mention cinco Latin American or Hispanic Jews that we love for everything they do, just because the are awesome:
    1. Geraldo Rivera

    The man behind one of TV’s most epic mustaches was born in Brooklym to a Jewish mom and a Puerto Rican dad but was raised Jewish. He started his career as an investigator for the NYPD, then he became a lawyer until finally he turned to reporting (where he hispanicized his name from Gerald to Geraldo). His television glory came with his talk show “Geraldo,” his show “Rivera Live” on CNBC and later as FOX News’ war correspondent. More ▸

  • 64 photos of Bar Refaeli for Israel’s 64th birthday

    Happy Independence Day, Israel!
    For Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s 64th birthday, 6 Degrees No Bacon gives you 64 photos of Bar Refaeli, Israel’s No. 1 supermodel, with a special bonus — two photos of Bar Refaeli and a cat!
    Try not to drool all over the keyboard. Also, you should check out our list of 10 photos of animals common to Israel doing awesome things.
    (Some photos may be NSFW, but no nudity.)
    (George Biard / CC)
    63 more after the jump! More ▸

  • 10 photos of animals common to Israel doing awesome things

    I bet you thought Israel was home to only camels and street cats. Boy, are you wrong. Here are 10 animals that can be found in the Holy Land, hopefully doing what they are doing in these photos.
    1. Hoopoe upset about having a bad feather day
    The Hoopoe is known for its crown of feathers (usually more presentable than the one above) and its “hooping” sounds. The Hoopoe was voted Israel’s national bird in 2008. In Hebrew: דוכיפת (Duchifat)
    2. This Green Toad looks like Futurama’s Hypnotoad
    The European Green Toad is very common in Israel and is known for its easy adjustments to climate. In addition, it can change its color in response to heat and light changes. (Just don’t stare directly at it, or you’ll get hypnotized.) In Hebrew: קרפדה ירוקה (Karpada Yeruka)
    3. The adorable Sand Cat is taking a bath
    This adorable fluffy thing is called the Sand Cat, and it is pretty rare in israel, mostly common around the Arava area. When it doesn’t use its fluffy paws to take a little bath, it mostly uses its flat head and sand colors to ambush its prey. In Hebrew: חתול חולות (Chatyl Cholot)

  • Thursday Listicles!

    Happy week-after-MLK day everybody! For those of you who had Monday off, I hope you enjoyed the last month of 4-day work weeks. For the rest of you, don’t worry. My day off wasn’t that much fun anyway. Basically I just enjoyed the weather and slept and ate well and giggled all day… anyway. Lists!… More ▸